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    Authenticity at its Finest, Having your Own Voice in a Cluttered World

    Authenticity. The quality of being authentic.

    Authentic. The act of being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

    Since I made the decision to rebrand this blog and focus on the word simply for 2017, I knew that would take on a much bigger meaning in my life. It was a way of holding myself accountable in not losing sight of what I am. Remaining authentic to what I had to offer others, my future child, and myself on a daily basis is at the forefront.

    From the beginning of this year, my priority has been to holding myself accountable to quality content on this space. I put in so much work and reached out to my blog friends on feedback to assure that I wasn’t straying too far off the path. In return, it’s paid off tremendously with the direction I’ve taken.

    This week, I came across an issue that slowly begin to consume me. There was a moment that all I could do was laugh. Slowly, a small burning anger started to seep within me as I took notice of the level of my identity being leached away. A passive aggressive quote was the most I could muster on Facebook. It took a few good friends, meditation, and visiting the source directly to set me straight in my authentic path. Continue reading

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