the plague

I got my flu shot in November. This is very unusual for me, because I try to avoid the flu shot. We don’t mix well and even though they tell you it shouldn’t make you sick, without fail I end up sick.

I live in Dallas, Texas. According the Dallas Morning News, Higher-than-normal reports of flu have come in from Texas. With this knowledge in mind, I told the man to go and get a flu shot. They predict that it’s only going to get worse and that flu season would be lasting longer. Being the loving and obedient husband he is, David went and got the flu shot on Wednesday (January 9, 2013).

Thursday was a whirlwind. I got up and ran all by my lonesome and improved my fastest average pace (12:38/mi) during my 3o minute training run. Awesome feat for my dislike of running! I showered, went to work, had a great day, and came home to a nice dinner ready in our crock pot.

The sore throat was a sign. I started pounding back the honey lemon cough drops like a kid in a candy shop. As the rest of the evening went on, the sore throat was the least of my worries. The aches and pains of my body started to catch up to me. Just a few hours before, I was the most jovial individual without a worry in the world and looking forward to a weekend of quilting. Then the chills set in as the man put me to bed. He assured me that it would be ok and he would take care of me.

Yesterday morning was hell. The plague had set in and I was its victim. The world was moving in slow motion as I got ready for work. Every movement was a painful reminder that the end was near. The man gave me a kiss on the forehead and made the comment “you’re a little warm.” Nothing came of that as I braved the drive to work. When I finally arrived, I knew I needed to be back at home. After a conference call, along with a sweet co-worker telling me I felt very warm – I logged in my sick time and left.

My fever clocked in at 101.1 when I got home. After numerous bouts of medicine, sleep, and attempts to eat food  – we managed to get the fever down.

That leaves me here, in bed. The fever is gone, the sore throat is still here, and I’m congested. The man has our vaporizer going and I’m hoping for better days. Maybe later today, I’ll get up to get some quilting worked on.

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