the plague part 3 & my life as i knew it

I successfully nailed an upper respiratory infection. Oh yeah, go ahead and give me a round of applause! My sinuses are stuffed with gunk and I was put on strict rest. My doctor made sure that she reiterated that I needed rest. As in, don’t get up and go running for training. With the sleet/snow this morning, I guess that helped with my orders to not work out.

My ridiculously awesome man took some time yesterday to take me JoAnn’s yesterday to get some thread. With all of my quilts that I have been working on, I needed to stock up a bit more.

photoSometimes, I don’t know how I got so lucky with him and his tolerance! Quality thread is so important to sewing and that’s been stressed to me enough on this whole journey that I’ve embarked on.

Coats 100% cotton threads are an excellent match when working with fabrics woven from natural fibers. Mercerized for extra smoothness and luster, Coats threads are the perfect choice for hand and machine quilting projects!

Each of these gorgeous spools of thread were priced at $10.99 a piece – but I never leave the house without all of my coupons (mailers, apps, in-store coupons, etc). In the end with all of my purchases, I ended up saving over $40 bucks!

My current quilting project have been coming along – the cupcake quilt has been taking more vintique_image copytime than I originally was aiming for. I invested quite a bit of time into the pattern and what I was going for. Once it’s completely finished, it should give me an idea of my abilities. Slowly I am coming to terms with the fact that I have a keen eye for fabric, but my intricate designs could be the death of me. Regardless of my lofty chances, I am excited to get to quilting this weekend.

Until then, I have to work and get ahead on school the rest of the week. It’s weird being back in full swing of life again. This is when my time management skills come into handy. Between work, being a wife, my social life, and that task of becoming a sewing goddess – this life is going to get a little more interesting.

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