back in swing.

Best feeling of the day when you get home to new workout clothes! The plague is finally subsiding and my lungs are screaming at me to take them out to play. Not sure how well, they will hold up – but I’m willing to feed their need. I have been dreaming of running – weird, since I hate it. Seriously, I hate it – I’m the ugliest runner, so I make up for it in cute clothing.

The dreams have been frequent enough to make the time in my schedule to get a quick run in. It’s exhilarating, because my body has been so run down since last Friday and now I feel like my usual self. So if I don’t post next week, its because I died running.

Tonight, I quilt. I am so behind on my sewing projects because my time management skills have been terrible with the plague hovering over my head. I haven’t touched Indigo LaRue since Monday and let’s just say he is a deprived lady boy. That’s all going to change this weekend because it’s going to be a sweatshop up in this house. I plan on making a quick stop tomorrow for not one, but two bottles of wine to keep me focused. Yes, wine keeps me focused. Then it’s on!

With two quilts and my craft exchange project, Indigo LaRue will get quite the workout.

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