today we ride!

It’s here. Today is the day that I get back on my bike. I’m overcoming a huge fear after the accident. The man tells me that my bike was too expensive for me not to get back on it. He’s right.

This story begins on a warm fall day – it was a little humid and rain was on the way, but we wanted to get a quick ride in. We decided to take a spin at a local trail about 15 minutes away from our home. I hadn’t realized how much of a daredevil I had become on Snow. Those big wheels had put a lot of confidence in my corner. I was going head to head with the man, keeping up with his pace as we winded around the sharp turns and drops of this trail. He pulled ahead and I let the speed get to me. As the downhill drop started coming to an end, the tree gate came into sight. A tree gate are two trees that you basically must navigate through, some are wide while others are narrow. I had plenty of room to make it through, but unfortunately the speed was too much. As I tried to steer my way through the tree gate, I felt the jolt as my brake got caught. After that everything was a blur. Handlebar and face plant. Sliding through dirt. A grunt. Searching for my bell (yes, I have a bell on my bike). The man running back asking if I am ok.


The damage done.

We managed to get out. I was broken. I was bruised. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream.

Most of all, I was defeated.

Today that ends. I’m starting over. I’m getting back on my bike and conquering life again. The feeling of riding and letting go of all the mundane every day activities for 10 or 15 miles is just what I need again.

So here I go. TODAY I RIDE.

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