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Welp, today was back to the real world. By real world, I mean my job that pays my bills and provides us with insurance. I honestly thought I was ready to go back to work, even after grabbing the new Vanilla Spice Latte from Starbucks this morning. It wasn’t work I was ready to go back to, it was the awesome group of women that I share my office with. It was so great seeing them after two weeks – we are all so different but it works for us. We come together and it’s like a big old happy and crazy family. I’m back at it, but believe me when I say it just wasn’t in me today. My job is worth it, but I really did enjoy the last two weeks of just playing house.

Something has to pay the bills…


How cute is this pincushion my girlfriend Elizabeth gifted me!?!?

Prepped pockets ready to have pockets added.

Prepped pockets ready to have pockets added.

After working all day, I did have the opportunity to come home and sew a bit.

Over the holiday break, I did a little side project for a former teacher, Heather. She has two of the most adorable and hip daughters that enlightened me to what is cool these days (clearly, I’ve lost sight of it). Twelve shirts later and we have pockets! Well, if you can believe it, they loved them so much more they have started getting requests from friends. It’s a fun project and so easy to make any shirt your own. After a long day at work, I needed to get some sewing and bonding therapy with Indigo LaRue clocked in to complete two more shirts for a best friend of one of Heather’s girls.

Designing the pockets are as easy and drawing out the shape you want. I use a fusible interfacing to make a stiffer and more durable pocket which works well, but I am looking for alternative ways to modify that. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with my second go around at this.

There you have it! New to sewing, this is a simple project to take on in a spare hour you may have.

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