uniballer & happy sunday! – life in rewind.

What a weekend?!? And it’s not over yet! Granted, I’m about to spend a nice chunk of it doing reading, a research article, and discussion post.

Just a quick life in rewind –

I conquered riding yesterday! I got back on the bike and it was just as easy as riding a bike. I guess I should’ve figured as much! After a short 3.93 mile ride, I can get back into my groove and am ready to hit the trail with the man again. He may be more proud of me, because this means he will get to ride even more on the weekends.

After the ride, I was suppose to go to girls night to hang out my lovely girlfriends’ new digs. Didn’t quite work out like I wanted to – I had the bromance come along for the ride. The bromance consists of my loving husband and my play brother. They share a love for fine beer, random facts, and girl talk – they are a comically random pair. I won’t share everything that happened last night because it was bananas. Surround yourself in funny people because random and raunchy is so much more fun that lame and mundane.

Highlights of the night:

  • Why did y’all stop at Tom Thumb? Did you have diarrhea?
  • Beer, wine and water in the fridge = liquid diet. Nobody needs food.
  • Celine Dion meltdown – No words.
  • I’m happy Kim Kardashian¬†is pregnant, because I want to see her fat.
  • You can’t tell me you didn’t cry in Titanic.
  • They broke up – that just makes my day.
  • I care about Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o.
  • I’m a uniballer and the universe is paying me back.
  • Cranium. Owned.


It was a wild night, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My friends are phenomenally crazy and I’m ok with that.


Our route, Plano Veterans Memorial Park, and a picture perfect day!

Our route, Plano Veterans Memorial Park, and a picture perfect day!

Occasionally, I take it upon myself to be the responsible adult and designated driver – so I hydrated last evening. It was not easy, I love my wine.


My first training run (they have been running together, but I’ve had the plague) with the group for the Dallas Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon happened today. Can I please tell you it was AMAZING?!? I am so proud of myself for coming back from the plague to actually conquer this run. Even more, I am so proud of the group of ladies that I am running with. Positivity within a group is crucial and the no man left behind attitude is there. It’s nice to have others to run with, besides the man who makes everything a competition and pushes me to places I really would rather not go. It went surprisingly well – we achieved our 5 miles and went a little over half mile more.

photo 1

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon – 63 days away!

Today I realized that I can actually do this half marathon. There is nothing stopping me from doing this and conquering this fear I have of distance running. I’m not the best runner. I’m not the fastest. I definitely may need to stop and walk a minute or two. What matters is that I’m out there doing it! I’m charging the hill and celebrating those baby milestones of victory! And I have good people in my corner surrounding me with love, encouragement, and positive vibes. Blessings are far in few, unless you really take the time to count them. I’m beyond blessed.

Here I go for the rest of the day with napping, homework, and crafting! I’m excited to share quilt progress, craft exchange indecisiveness, and a few new changes in my crafting endeavors.



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    January 21, 2013 at 8:00 am
  • Reply Sunny Werner

    The highlights of the night were pretty spectacular. Too bad you suck so much and didn’t go out with us.. you would’ve had a great time. We all need to plan another night like that.. where everyone goes out after (ugh) being owned at Cranium. Y’all suck, by the way. <3

    January 23, 2013 at 10:39 am
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