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Much needed & deserved.

Much needed & deserved.

I’ve got my glass of wine and ready to play catch up!

Days seems to just fly by when I don’t have a blogging schedule. I have gotten so much done and that’s a plus because I get to share. No worries, I’ve already started mapping out a schedule for the blog when I start my spring semester of classes. 2013 has been a good measure of balance in life and so far, so good.

Since the weekend, my first full week back in the office has kicked off with nothing but tons of emails, phone calls, and fielding questions before one of our busiest times kicks off (think cookies – like thin mints, samoas, and tagalongs). To top it all off, it’s just Tuesday and thank goodness the PLL winter premiere is tonight.

I did get some sweet satisfaction that one of my quilts is in good use. With the bias opinion that my nephew is the sweetest little kid, I received this precious proof that all children are not bad. He is just the cutest little chunk of love that I could just steal. It’s nice to have one of my made with love quilts enjoyed.

Every morning, I wake up to about 6-7 of my favorite quilting blogs in my inbox. The projects that they have on¬†display or in the works is mesmerizing to me. Apart of my goal with my 2013 word is to truly submerge myself in the journey of what it truly means to embrace every detail of life. This month has started out so well with embracing my creativity! I have taken the bull by the horns and just have started running with it. It’s so satisfying to be able to create. The man has been so understanding with my need to push myself to creative limits that I have never dreamed of embarking on.

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago that I would know how to stitch a quilt, I would’ve told you there was no way!

And I get by with a little encouragement here and there….

Quilting = Success

Quilting = Success

Right now, I have fabric cut for two quilts and still have my running lists of projects (quilts have been added):


  • 5 coffee sleeves
  • cosmetic bag
  • surprise gift for a sweet friend (cupcake quilt)
  • dog bed out of old pillows
  • a large tote bag
  • quilt for niece, Christina
  • 3rd order of t-shirts with pockets
  • craft exchange gifts (more to come)

Having a full plate of sewing projects that I want to accomplish is nice for my soul. So what new projects are you working on? Any creative endeavors that you are tackling in 2013? Share in the comments!

Are you interested in my marathon training?

F909CEB1-A6AE-44A8-A101-BCE681C8879FFor you eager individuals waiting to know how my marathon training has been going – we are 75 days out. Unfortunately, I had to take a few days off to 1. recuperate after a wild New Year’s Eve and Day and 2. battle an impromptu case of serious sinus congestion. I was back at it this morning and had a nice guest join me for the run, THE MAN! It was nice having a jogging buddy and he said he would join me on future runs. Too bad, he’s a sleepy mess now. He can’t hang with yours truly.

I plan on doing the longer training runs with the group that I am running with on Sundays. Once again, let me state – I despise running and just happen to be slower than a sloth. Running this marathon is huge for me, so keep your fingers crossed.

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