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photo Making some serious progress with quilt 3, but decided to stop to write a quick post. It’s been my focal point because I start school next Monday and know that my nights will get a little busier.  I chose an intricate method of piecing pattern and failed to realize how much of this I would actually have to put back photo copytogether. Once I get the mini triangles all pieced together, I’ll move on to the larger squares – also have plans to use an interfacing on the back to provide some stability when piecing the larger squares together. This is just one of the numerous baby steps of this process. I’m excited to continue sharing this project with you all.

Update on my craft exchange project – maybe, I should start with I’ve been invited to participate in a craft exchange with Mommy Upgrade and friends. I’m not a mom – thus, I’m not a mommy blogger. BUT I have a sick addiction for comical mommy bloggers and Mommy Upgrade is hilarious. Princess Cupcake is quite possibly the cutest child and has so much spunk. For this craft exchange (which I am honored to even be invited to) I decided to tackle a heart key ring. The man absolutely hates carrying my key ring, because I’m not a simple lady. Bigger is better, just like everything in Texas. The baubles, key covers, and random junk on my key chain can get a little out of hand – so why not spread the love?!? I’m excited to get started on this project.

Spring 2013 Vera Bradley Launch at The Vintage House

Spring 2013 Vera Bradley Launch at The Vintage House

Today was a grand day – the Spring 2013 patterns for Vera Bradley launched. Needless to say, I was a giddy little school girl until I reached one of my favorite places in the world The Vintage HouseIf I could, I would move in upstairs and never leave this vintage mecca. I went, I conquered, and I treated myself! With a new purse, headband, plenty of cake pops, cookies, and snacks – The Vintage House never fails at making a girl feel at home.

Now it’s back to quilting!

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