humble experiences and inanimate objects

What a weekend! Two humbling experiences that I have just really soaked in and been more thankful for the simple things in life. Never take life for granted, always hug and kiss your love ones, and be grateful for the day because life can change in an instant.

vintique_imageIn staying humble, I took some therapeutic time for myself today and hung out with Indigo LaRue. I didn’t expect him to make such an early appearance on this canvas, but alas he has a big chunk of my heart these days. You see, everyone needs an outlet – a chance to get away and just go to another place. Lately, mine has been with Indigo LaRue. He’s a tad bit eccentric and quite the looker, if you ask me. It was nice getting to spend some one on one time with him before the big vacation coming up. I know that one of two things could happen over my holiday break:

1. Indigo LaRue could become the biggest hooker and I will hate him for it. In better words, he could become the bane of my existence and I will never want to touch him again because the sheer thought of him will make me sick.


2. We will become lifelong soul mates! He will be my drag queen with the mostest and I will be his endearing sugar momma who treats him with love & respect that he has earned. Meaning, he will complete all the projects that I push him to his limits to conquer with ease and no turning back.

You see, my inanimate objects have very existing lives in my world. It could possibly be the fact that I have just had too much alcohol in my life and have made this all up. Whatever it is, my personal time was fantastic and we (Indigo LaRue included) bonded amidst the turmoil that our nation suffered. I reflected on life, my job, my hobbies, the future little ones that I may have as the gentle hum of Indigo LaRue ensured me that I would get through this. As that reflection dawned on me, I realized that our nation would get past this. We’ve conquered and overcome hardships; this will not define us. This will not break us. We will remember and cherish every day more than the one before, because for 26 souls we must.

I have my moments.

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