Doomsday Prep & Becoming a Creator

Another day closer to the end of the world (who am I kidding, I plan on living forever!). Cue eerie music here. This lady took off running this morning with all the energy to conquer the last few hours on earth. And when I say I took off running, I literally took off running. Day two of training for the Dallas Rock n Roll Marathon was a success.

ImageThree things I discovered on my run this A.M.

  1. Neighbors are really prepping for the end of the world by emblazoning the Virgin Mary and Jesus in their children’s playground equipment.
  2. Don’t flounce around in a cupcake beanie, people will honk at you. (I looked fabulous!)
  3. I discover the coolest looking statues in my neighborhood.

It was a solid second run – the 30 minute runs are not a problem. What I’m scared of is taking on the distance runs on Sundays. You see, I’m an ugly runner and painfully slow. I’m not doubting myself and this half marathon, but I will warn you now – it won’t be pretty.

ImageAs for the rest of my day, Indigo LaRue and I were at it again. We finished a project for Christmas presents for my former 5th grade teacher. How cool is that?!? How often do you reconnect with such an influential individual in your life and get to do something so completely awesome for them? She has two of the cutest daughters and she requested an awesomely fun, totally hip, and fashionably forward gift for these girls. We met up on Tuesday, she briefed me on what she wanted, and today (after running late due to wonderful Dallas traffic) I delivered. She was thrilled, which in turn made me so proud. Simply put, I love seeing someone so happy with their end product. She pieced together a vision and I created it. The picture of Indigo LaRue and some lace is just a sample. Without giving too much away, I can say I will post a picture or two of the girls rocking their new threads. You will die.

Ok, maybe not die – but you will ohhh and awww just a bit.

ImageTo end the night and welcome the impending “doomsday,” I have been at home with a MLP t-shirt, a glass of wine, and Pinterest.  It’s been a peaceful night and I’ve been reflecting on what these past few months have been for me. No, I don’t truly believe in December 21, 2012 being the last day we will see. We have too much to accomplish as a world with much more life to live. I’ve become a creator.  Being creative and being a creator are different in my book. I’ve always been creative – in writing, various craft projects, etc.

BUT TO CREATE  is a new realm for me.

In these past few months, I’ve evolved into a creative soul and let my imagination run wild. It’s been liberating and fascinating all at the same time. To see a simple piece of fabric becoming a cosmetic bag, coffee sleeve, and so much more is mind-blowing. I’m pushing my limits and molding my own niche in this world. I’m a creator. Hone your skills at what you’re good at and make your mark in the world.

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