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12 Weeks Over: The Struggle of a Working Mom

Well it’s been fun. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. I’m heading back to work. The struggle is real and I’m dreading thinking about leaving my sweet baby girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fortunate that I was able to enjoy these last 12 weeks together. It’s not as generous as some companies in the United States and definitely not like countries around the world. Going back is bittersweet and my struggle stems from 3 big components that I’m sure all moms face.

Struggle 1 – Detaching from Baby

This is my biggest struggle. All I’ve known for the last 12 weeks is being full time mom to Delilah. Every waking moment has been dedicated to her well being. It’s been amazing being with her and watching her grow, but I knew this day would come.

Detaching myself from being her everything is proving difficult, but I know that it’ll be best for the both of us. Over the last few weeks during my leave, I’ve slowly started to hand over responsibilities to David. Has this helped? I’m not sure I guess the test will be the next few weeks as Delilah acclimates to her new normal.

Struggle 2 – Childcare Woes

Sore subject for most parents and I completely understand why. Childcare is expensive. The going rates for newborns alone alarmed me as we started the search. Luckily, we worked out a way to keep our sweet girl out of daycare for a bit. Eventually, we’re going to have to really revisit this and figure out how to make this work in our favor.

Whether it’s a daycare, in home nanny, or working out a schedule with our jobs – the childcare woes are apparent. Children are expensive and you want the best for your child. At the same time, you need the best fit for your lifestyle. Schedule flexibility, proximity to home, curriculum offered, and much more go into deciding who cares for you child. On top of all these, you have to consider your budget in the long run. It’s not easy on the culture shock of being apart from your baby.

Struggle 3 – Feedings, schedules, and the coveted weekend!

For a lot of new moms, you have to think about quite a few different things when it comes to heading back to work. Breastfeeding moms have to worry about a number of different things. Can your baby take a bottle? Do you have enough backstock in pumped milk? Will you need to supplement with formula? How and where will you pump at work?

Formula feeding moms have it just as hard. Did you prepare enough bottles? Have you found the right formula for baby? Will your baby take a bottle from someone else besides you?

Working moms will have to create a schedule that works not only for baby, but any new schedule they may encounter at work. The one question any returning to work mom shares is simply, “is it the weekend yet?”

With that, I’m heading back to work and all I keep asking myself is, “is it the weekend yet?”

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  • Reply Kyrra

    The first day is the hardest. I cried when I left Sophia at daycare, and the whole way to work the first day. She was only 7 weeks old. It slowly got less painful to leave her.
    The hardest thing I found, was finding time to pump. Unfortunately, between serious breastfeeding struggles from the get go (severe tongue tie, bad latch, low supply, allergy to fenugreek), and trying to find enough times to pump during the day at work, it started stressing me out more than it was worth it for me. So I made the decision about four months in that I would stop. It broke my heart, and I still feel pangs of guilt when I think about it. But as with many things, if it’s not sustainable then it’s okay to change to something that is.
    You’ve got this. You and Delilah are both serious rockstars and everything is going to work out.

    September 4, 2017 at 5:42 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      I didn’t cry like I thought I would, but it was hard for me to deal with being apart from her. I can’t even imagine if I would’ve had to leave her at 7 weeks! Hearing your struggles and seeing how far you’ve come means more than you could ever imagine. It shows that I’m not alone and I can definitely do this. Thank you for being so honest!

      September 6, 2017 at 10:57 am

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