Channeling My Inner 1993


Never thought I would be taking the time to talk about my natural hair journey on the blog. I am far from being the expert, but I wanted to share the change.

Maybe one day, I’ll share the entire story of how I came across the courage to rock an afro – until then we’ll keep it simple.

Friday, I decided to take the plunge and pull out my inner Poetic Justice with long box braids. The training for the half marathon has been doing some real damage to my natural hair, so I needed a protective style (google it) that would be a quick and easy fix.

Everyone else loves them. It’s going to take some getting use to for me. I absolutely love my afro. It’s my staple. It’s my identity. When you say team natural, I’m a starting player for the team! These braids are foreign to me. I’m giving myself at least 6 weeks with them, because I paid good money to get all braided up.


Top Right: Emersen’s 2nd Birthday
Top Left: Kylan wore out from park and dinner at Macaroni Grill
Bottom Right: Early Sunday morning parting – biking for WareBear and running for the lady.
Bottom Left: Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon Bound!

When I tell you this weekend was insane, it was wild. Between WareBear’s niece’s birthday and playdate with my own nephew at the park, we had our fill of birth control. We love kids and have definitely talked about them, but we enjoy waking up on Sunday mornings and being able to kiss each other goodbye as he respectfully goes on a mountain bike ride – while I go and train for my half marathon.

Speaking of half marathon training – it’s only a week away! Wow. It’s surreal that this time next weekend, I’ll be finished running my half marathon and probably at home taking a long and much deserved nap. The amount of motivation and support that I’ve had on this journey has been outstanding. I thought a week before the run I would be nervous and ill-prepared – it’s the exact opposite. Deep down inside I’m rearing to go and just get it over with. The training runs have gotten much easier and I know that I don’t have to be the fastest person out there. In all reality it’s as simple as knowing that I am capable of actually running 13.1 miles.

“To know you are one with what you are doing, to know that you are a complete athlete, begins with believing you are a runner.” -George Sheehan

I got this. I really got this.

With this crazy weekend, I had no time to work on my quilt! Ugh, Indigo LaRue is not a happy camper right now. He’s sitting lonely in our sewing oasis begging me to come and go for a spin. If I’m lucky I may squeeze in some time this week to make a quick project that I have lined up on my list.

For now, I’m about to get ahead on this homework. Two weeks left in this class and I would really like to get ahead so I don’t have to stress after the half marathon on doing homework. The rest of this day will consist of me drowning away my sorrows with a reflection paper, discussion board, and probably a glass of wine.

Anything crazy and wild this weekend for you? Leave it in the comments!

Until next time xoxo.

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