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Summer is Coming: 3 Tips for Nailing Summer Confidence

If you think this is a post about keeping yourself cool for the summer, sorry but I can’t help you. I’ve quickly learned that with Texas summers you need to just be prepared to sweat it out. What I’m talking about today is the usually dreaded swimsuit season that is quickly approaching us! Last night, I stood in my bathroom and just looked at myself in one of my swimsuits from last year. The subtle changes I’m seeing in my body and the confidence that I have with wardrobe is slowly creeping back.

I’m not an expert, but I can tell you that “summer is coming” and “crop tops” has been a reoccurring theme in my circle of close friends. Summer is coming and if you haven’t started already on that summer body it’s never too late. I want to be honest with you because we are friends.

We’re friends right? News flash: It’s not so much having the summer body, but having the confidence to know that you are working on getting your fitness for future summer bodies. Summer is just another season and we spend the most time stressing out about it. How we look? What we need to do to get our bodies right? The pressure of wearing less clothing!

I’ve never heard an individual going into the fall season stressing out about all the extra layers of clothing they have to look forward to. Nor complaining about all of the scarves they would be wearing. Nobody I know has complained about going out to buy a new pair of boots to complete that fall or winter wardrobe. What I’m trying to get at here is that we don’t need to be beat ourselves up that the dreaded summer season has once again snuck up on us. Just prepare yourself in the best way possible with these simple tips.

Summer is Coming_Confidence Tips

1 | We aren’t all swimsuit models, so set realistic goals for yourself

I use to the this person, so I can preach all day on this one. I will NEVER be a bombshell curvy petite model that you see in most catalogs. A vast majority of the world will not be these ideal women, which is why it is so important for representation in fashion ads (we’ll save that for another day). What I can say is this summer when that pool party comes up, don’t beat yourself up about your swimsuit and set realistic goals in relation to your body. A little soft around the tummy region, try a high waist swimsuit. Don’t like the way your arms look, get a cute sheer long sleeve cover up. There are options out there from petite to full figured women, so feel free to bring the slayage to every pool party.

2 | Establish a regular workout routine

I know we all don’t start out on January 1 (haha, I didn’t), so our summer bodies might not be as intact as we would like to them to be. Don’t fret and cover yourself up and promise to do better next year – START NOW. Get yourself into a regular workout routine that fits your lifestyle. Make it a habit now to kick start what you need to do to have the banging body you want going into the next summer. Most importantly kick start a healthy routine of looking out for yourself. Take a walk around the block in the evening after work. Find a fun spin class that’ll get your heart pumping. Connect with a tribe at a local gym and celebrate your wins. Get into the habit and I promise it’ll be hard to fall out of it.

3 | Flaunt what you have with pride and confidence

Take pride in who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Be confident that you are the most beautiful in the life that you have chosen to live. Whatever you do this summer, take it off or cover up – be the most authentic version of yourself that you can be. Don’t allow for anybody to dictate what you can and cannot wear. How much skin you can or cannot show! You go out this summer and do you!

Any tips you would add? Leave the in the comments and let the countdown to summer confidence begin!

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