3 Ways Adulting Can Be Fun

Show of hands and don’t be shy – can you relate to this?


I said don’t be shy!

Let’s face it, adulting can be hard.

For millennials (like myself) we are constantly facing the backlash of being seen as self-entitled and dependent brats. Ummm, just an FYI we aren’t all like that. Don’t bash me for being a little ambitious and fighting the good fight, because you better believe I don’t ask for any handouts. That’s for another post because let’s face the one true fact that every generation can relate to – adulting can be a real pain. From paying bills, the daily grind of work, and the pressure to keep up with the political parties – adulting is something I think we all wish at one time we could tap out on.

As I get older, the secret to making adulting fun is slowly becoming easier and easier to identify. Which is why I can’t hold out on 3 things that I’ve learned that making adulting fun!


1 | Enjoy a fine wine instead of your go to party cocktail at happy hour.



I know we all love a good vodka or rum cocktail (I’m constantly asking Ware is the Vodka?!?), but trust me on this a good wine will make you feel classy at the bar. Not a wine fan, try a smooth bourbon. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT ORDER A BUD LIGHT. We’re adults, drink like it.

2 | Surrounded yourself with like-minded individuals who understand that adulting isn’t easy. 


You need to have a solid group of friends that make it easy to realize that you’re at a different place in life. For example:

(1) being late isn’t an option

(2) getting drunk isn’t the main goal

(3) you can have civilized adult conversations about the struggles of life

(4) they are easy to relate to and make your time together pleasant

(5) you have fun with them

These aren’t an optional list, I recommend cultivating healthy relationships with people you easily seeing meeting all 5 of these in order to succeed at having fun while adulting.

3 | Elevate your taste in music!

Andra Day

Andra Day

Desi Valentine

Desi Valentine

Step outside of the box when it comes to your musicality. You wouldn’t believe how hard I go in the car to some rachet hood music, but at the same time I’m reaching the age that my musical taste need to grow up just a tad bit. Oh and let’s not downplay the fact that I’m guilty of pretending to think I’m Ariana Grande belting out some offbeat tunes by myself. Now, I’m not telling you that you can’t blast some Fetty Wap or get your pop life right. Not at all! You should take the time to immerse and culture yourself with some sophisticated music, because you never know what type of gems you may come across. If you are looking to branch out and expand your music library, I can highly recommend Desi Valentine and Andra Day. I played adult this past Friday and went to their concert – let’s just say mind blown. The amount of soul, fire, and passion that I experienced in every song from these two powerful artists. Do yourself a favor and listen to both of them.

As stressful as adulting can get, we easily can make it fun in so many different type of ways. Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below!

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