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30 is Everything, Him

A few words to describe me: quirky, sassy, whimsical, eclectic, independent, and bold. I’ve never been one to shy away from much or bite my tongue for that matter. Growing up, I quickly learned that I was a tad bit quirky and far from normal when it came to what most guys were looking for in a girl. It stung, but I had chalked it up as a testament to being great on my own.

I never thought I would meet my match, nor did I have a desire to meet a match. It took a lot of inadequate crushes and one good guy to make me see otherwise.

It took a special guy to make a connection with me. Someone kind, light hearted, and grounded in themselves to really tame my heart. At the tender age of 18, I managed to come across the one guy that would change how I viewed and lived my life tremendously. It was a new beginning. A welcomed beginning. He was soft spoken, sweet but assertive, and genuinely liked me for everything I had to offer. For all my loud cackling laughs, he gently greeted them with a soft smile. Each time I let my sassy side shine, he countered it with rational and reasonable logic. He was the shining light that I needed in my life in more ways than he will ever know.

Growing up, we’re frequently told to find someone who completes you. I’ve never believed in that, I’m pretty complete on my own. I simply wanted someone who compliments me well. An individual who provides a healthy balance to everything that I have to offer.

In 17 days, I’ll be 30. I’ve married my best match. The love of my life. The man who keeps all of my secrets and knows my heart’s deepest desires. My biggest fan and motivator with every crazy thing I want to embark on.

Most importantly, I’ve loved deeply.

Even when I thought I was unlovable, I found the most precious gift of love from the greatest guy. A gift of love that I’m looking forward to celebrating well into my 60th and 90th birthday, if I’m lucky!

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