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Credit: i am her tribe.

Credit: i am her tribe.

For a long time, I felt unlovable. I could only see the flaws that I firmly believed defined who I was always going to be. I allowed for plenty of people to undervalue my worth and I gave a lot of myself in order to please others. At the time, I never realized how much of my self love I was sacrificing in order to be looked at in the best way by various others. After a lot of soul searching and tears, I reached a point that I knew that I needed to change those views. I learned one of the most valuable lessons about being in love with myself. Loving yourself is probably one of the greatest treats you can afford in life.

It’s opened up the doors to love others, enjoy life, and most of all have courage in everything that I’ve done. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. There were times when I would be very inconsistent with the courage I knew I had, but was too afraid to exhibit. Why the fear? What the shame of loving myself for everything I have to offer? Why harbor my courage to live lovingly?

These questions, I’ll never be able to answer. Nor do I care to even entertain them any longer for answers. Over the years and especially since losing my dad I’ve learned that loving myself is one of the most courageous ways to live my life unapologetically. Loving myself has afforded me so many opportunities to live and enjoy the best days of my life.

In 3 days, I’ll be 30. There have been tears over these last few days. There has been joy. There has been heartache. Most of all, there has been love. Love from my friends, family, and husband. Through the turmoil of the world, I’ve had to remind myself that regardless of the pain and hurt – I am loved. Love is a beautiful aspect and you must be courageous to embrace it.

Go forth and live fearlessly. Live unapologetically. Live with so much love you feel as if your heart is going to burst. Love yourself, it’s freeing!

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