Always a bride, never a flower girl…

As most of you know I’ve been a bride and a bridesmaid, but the elusive title that I have escaped all of my life is BaffledSeviflower girl. Growing up, I was never afforded the pleasure of serving as the flower girl in anybody’s wedding. It was always something that I am sure that I would’ve loved to do. My niece was in my wedding! Oh and since then I’ve watched David’s nieces attend more weddings as flower girls than I attend weddings period. I mean I was an adorable little girl, who wouldn’t want that cute stunned face throwing flower petals down the aisle for you.

It had reached the point that every time someone got engaged around me, I would always joke that if they needed a flower girl – I was always available. Give me a time and date, I would show up in my cute little dress (all grown woman of me) and make it happen.

Jokes are harmless fun and I’m a great giver of jokes. David and Ryan are an amazing couple who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the years due to my extended extended family status. They have a beautiful love and I am lucky that I have them in my life. Of course, when David and Ryan got engaged – I didn’t miss a beat with my flower girl request.

You never know if you don’t ask!

That was a few months ago and the wedding plans have been falling into place. My invite arrived in the mail and I coordinate with my lovely lady friend Alisha on being each other’s plus one since we will both be stag at the wedding. Mind you David and Ryan are so loved that they are having an official wedding up north in Petersham, MA and then another shindig here in Dallas for friends and family that can’t make it.  I’ll be at both! 

I digress.

We are close to David and Ryan, they hold a near and dear place in my heart. Now that we’ve moved into our house, we are literally closer to where they live so they wanted to come over and see the new place. In the last month, we’ve done a lot and I’m willing to show off the pride I have in all the work we’ve done. They came over and I gave them the grand tour, without a clue to what was about to happen.

After seeing the entire house and my constant gushing of please help me with any renovation tips possible, I was asked the question that for years I’ve secretly envied every little girl that carried the title. David and Ryan asked me to be their flower girl!

Mind you, I did ask if it was a joke and then proceed to the most hysterical cry of joy that I’ve ever had in my life.

Growing up, I never had the honor of being the flower girl in any wedding. After 27 years, this October I finally get to fulfill a lifelong dream! I cannot explain how thrilled and honored I am to be the flower girl for David and Ryan.  You can see my excitement in the moment as I scream on the phone that I’m going to be a flower girl! David and Ryan even gave me the most beautiful roses, which my own David tells me I could use to practice.

Get ready people! This flower girl is ready for her shining moment!

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    This is the best thing ever.

    August 4, 2014 at 10:35 am
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