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April Small Goals

Linking up for small goals with Nicole from writes like a girl. Another month of goals to tackle, but before we get into this month’s goals let’s revisit March.

Revisiting March Small Goals

Plan blog posts for next 3 months  COMPLETED

Managed to plan out blog posts for April and May. June has structure, but it really depends on the delivery of the wee lil unicorn. I have the content ideas drafted up and ready to go for that month.

Spring cleaning of bedroom, craft room, and nursery – Incomplete

I moved a little slower this month and made this a lofty goal to tackle. I did manage to get a head start on a few of these areas. April will be my month to really buckle down.

Finish baby registries COMPLETED

DONE! Now we have two showers on the calendar and looking forward to seeing all of the amazing women who are going to be apart of our little unicorn’s life.

Get crib In Progress and changing station set up COMPLETED

Changing station is set up, but covered with a ton of things that I need to find homes for. As for the crib, it’s vintage and the sanding is taking more time than ever with our work schedules. It’ll be finished before the end of April.

Sew baby blanket COMPLETED

Done! It was actually something I finished at the beginning of the month. I even managed to post a sneak peek on Instagram, but can’t share the entire photo because it has her name on it!

Finish Charmed season 4 COMPLETED

Probably the easiest of all my goals. I’m well into season 6 and will finish the entire series by the time baby girl arrives. Good thing I’ve got a list of shows to watch on maternity leave!

Not bad for March! Still got a little bit of work to do, but look at all of those completes!

April Small Goals

It’s inevitable with baby girl on the way, my goals have definitely become more baby-centric. I guess I really need to buckle down and finish some key goals before her big arrival. She’s growing and making things much harder to accomplish, but I’ve got a few friends who are willing to help us out with prepping for this little one.

Spring cleaning of the house

Ok, I know – I had every intention to start this task in March. It wasn’t easy. I thought nesting was really kicking in, but it works in the oddest manner. It would be small bursts of energy, then I would be so exhausted I would sit down and watch Charmed for hours. Well, buckling down this month! Going to focus on the time that David and I both have at the house to work on the spring cleaning we need to achieve.

I want to finish as much as we can this month, because I know next month will be all about the baby countdown.

Finish nursery, including the crib!

Yet another thing I do not want to worry about in May. We are getting so close to having everything complete, I can taste it. The crib has been a huge set back because it was David’s crib when it was first born. The sanding work is taking much longer than we both anticipated, but the end is in sight. He has the last side to complete, then we can paint and reassemble.

We also have two closets that need a fresh coat of paint, so that’s on the agenda as well.

Work on birth plan

Would you believe me if I told you that this is nearly complete? I’m a birthing overachiever! I found the perfect template to use and I need to jazz it up to my standards. All that really needs to be included is information on the care of our dogs and the vaginal/c-section birth information.

Plus, we have a running list of the important people who must get text messages of the wee lil unicorn’s arrival.

Take more walks with David and the dogs

We are getting down to the wire. I really want to focus on just taking the time to enjoy some quiet moments with David and both of our puppies. Dallas has been having the most beautiful weather (when its not raining) and I want to take advantage of it. Planning on getting out and walking as much as we can to enjoy the sunshine.

Schedule maternity photos

This was a last minute addition. One of my favorite people, Alli of Alli K Design, posted a sneak peek of her upcoming mural on Instagram.

A post shared by Alli K Design (@allikdesign) on

Take a minute to just drool over the dreaminess of that sweet beauty. I instantly knew where I would need to take some of my maternity photos. I found my dress, got some extra details on this gem, and now I just need to figure out the schedule to make this happen.

What are your small goals for this month? Leave one in the comments below!

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  • Reply Heather N Webb

    That mural is amazing and so perfect for your little one’s theme! I’m a sucker for succulents and cacti so this has me feeling all the heart eye emojis. You’ve got so many great things in place to prep for your beeb, I’m sure getting it all completed will make you feel so great! I always feel better when things are tidy and set up just how they need to be.

    April 4, 2017 at 5:38 pm
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