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Authentic Rules to Being the Best Version of Yourself – Millennial Real Talk, Part 2

Once again, I’m revisiting being authentic but only because it matters to me more than anything these days. Last week we talked all about the misconceptions of millennials. I believe that many of the misconceptions stem from the lack of focus on authenticity. As a millennial all too often we feel the pressure to be something that we don’t want to be. Here I am once again pressing the importance of authenticity with three simple rules that any millennial can follow to be the best version of themselves.

Authentic Rule #1 Self-reflection

Self-reflection is critical at any stage in your life. Taking a good hard look at your character and actions in a continuous manner shapes the individual you will/want to become. The beauty of self-reflection is that you can do it in the manner that best suits you. There is no secret or perfect formula to self-reflection. Be cognizant of taking a good hard look at yourself every once in a while to establish that balance within your character and actions.

Authentic Rule #2 Transparency

Being authentic requires transparency. Clear and concise. To the point.

That’s not rocket science and never has been. Transparency is what makes you likeable and helps others build trust in you. As millennials, we need to be as clear and concise about our wants and needs in life. Be forthcoming with your beliefs, expectations, and views on the world. While being transparent, be open to accepting that others will not always agree with you.

Authentic Rule #3 Display Good Character

After your self-reflection, it’s important to establish a display of good character. As millennials, we come across a number of different setback and hardships because of the misconceptions. Be an individual who displays good character and faith in all that they accomplish in life. Your moral qualities are key to being seen as someone worthy of being appreciated in everything that you accomplish.

Millennials, any rules you would add to the list of being authentic? Add them to the comments below. Work or interact with millennials, how do you feel about these rules to follow? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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