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Big, Bigger, and Biggest Perspective – We’re Having a Baby!

Disclaimer: My apologies that my blog has basically been overthrown by baby this and baby that. I’ve been putting things into perspective and we’re really having a baby in just a few weeks.

Speaking of perspective, we are quickly closing in on the teen digits until our wee lil unicorn arrives. David and I have been spending more and more time in the nursery together, enjoying these final moments of the two of us. My quiet time has been a lot of reflection on the type of mother I aspire to be and the goals I’m setting for myself. I’ve been piecing together little mementos and memories from this pregnancy and came to a few perspectives along the way.

The Big Perspective: I have no sense of gravity/balance and it’s insane.

If you follow Simply Sevi on Facebook, you’ll know we had a delay of #SimplyMommyChronicles last week. Why? Well, I took a little tumble…. With this extra weight, my sense of gravity/balance has gotten away from me. I managed to twist my ankle on a rock and take a nice little tumble right outside of Dallas Police Headquarters. The good news, I didn’t fall on my stomach. The bad news, I ended up in Labor and Delivery for monitoring for about 3 hours.

No worries, baby girl and I are just fine. I battled some serious soreness over the weekend. Plus, I learned a very valuable lesson from this tumble. A lesson, I swore I would never ever learn, because my balance was legit. The lesson – it’s inevitable that you’ll stumble at least once during pregnancy. It’s a rite of passage that just has to happen.

The Bigger Perspective: My body no longer belongs to me!

Check out this side by side of 8 weeks vs. 36 weeks of pregnancy.

perspective pregnancy

David convinced me that we needed to document this time, but I wasn’t feeling it. You see, that little bloat was just going away. My abs were coming in from all of my hard work at Kaia Fit North Dallas. Finding out that I was pregnant was a huge blow to my hard work and I wasn’t prepared to watch my body morph.

Well, we’ve come a long way because my body no longer belongs to me. It was a difficult concept for me to really wrap my head around, but the perspective has changed. Feeling this little girl move and make herself comfortable at my own body’s expense is fine. I’m rooting for a healthy little one with lots of hair and chunky cheeks. My body is sacrificing a lot for her, so cross your fingers she comes through on her end.

The Biggest Perspective: Birth plans are printed and hospital bags are officially in cars, ready for go time!

Stop. Read that header one more time. Now, just let it soak in for a moment. Let’s look back at December 8, 2016 – the day I shared this monumental news. We are having a baby. Our support team has the birth plan. The dry run to the hospital is on the calendar. Meal prepping is taking place this weekend to get our freezer stocked. The hospital bags are in their respective vehicles ready for the moment this all goes down. It’s crazy seeing the car seat sitting empty in my car, anxiously awaiting our little one’s arrival.

This is real life. This is our beginning to our newest chapter. It’s getting real people.

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  • Reply Nan Walvoord

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 16, 2017 at 8:31 am
  • Reply Claire

    This is really getting close. I’m nervous and I’m not having the baby. Very excited!

    May 16, 2017 at 12:36 pm
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