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It’s Real! Baby Shower Countdown, Overwhelming Nature of Baby Gear, and Benefits of Multiple Registries

Before this unexpected surprise, I would always joke with my friends that I would show up with a 2-year-old one day and be like “look guys, I had a baby.” No hoopla, no fireworks. Just a simple, here’s our baby and we’re done. Well, that didn’t happen quite as planned and here we are 48 days away from this little one’s arrival. What’s even crazier is that in just 4 days, we’ll be having our baby shower to celebrate this little one. This customary occasion has been carefully planned by the wee lil unicorn’s godmother and her Hunny with just really one expectation from myself – I just want to show up.

With the baby shower around the corner, I put together that this whole registering for gifts was probably the hardest part of pregnancy thus far. Want to know why?

Registering for a Baby Shower and the Overwhelming Nature of Baby Gear

I’ve been to my fair share of baby showers over the years, even been a host for a few. Baby gear has definitely made major upgrades since I became an aunt in 1996, a live-in nanny in 2007, and attending various baby showers over the years. The overwhelming changes in baby gear blows my mind each time I shop.

As I started to register for my own baby shower, the overwhelming feeling was very apparent. What’s the best type of bottle to use? Which car seat is the best bang for your buck? Is a wipe warmer necessary? Just how many high chairs do they have on the market right now? Why is this bouncing/rocking/glowing contraception have a retail price of $399.99? Luckily, I had quite a few people share what was and wasn’t helpful on their own journey into parenthood. It really was beneficial in making the best decisions for our family.

Benefits of Multiple Registries for a Baby Shower

I originally started one registry on Amazon. Why? I didn’t have to leave my house. I love Amazon. Oh and the biggest reason, it was a secret and I was still in denial about having a baby. As we made our announcement and began planning for an actual shower, the wee lil unicorn’s godmother made a suggestion that I give people options. Being able to register at multiple places is super efficient, easy, and provides a diverse grouping of items for every price range.

Don’t limit yourself to just one place. With our entire decor, most of the in store places didn’t carry a lot of exclusive black/white printed items. Amazon has a vast selection of items that fit our theme that we were able to place on our registry. Take the chance to explore what a few of your other favorite stores are carrying that might be of interest for your parenthood journey.

The Baby Shower is ALMOST HERE

We are 48 days until the little one’s due date and our shower is this Saturday. I’m ready to see all of my favorite people and celebrate this little one!

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