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Babymoon in the Woods!

If you’ve had a baby or know someone who has had a baby in the last few years, you’ve heard of the babymoon. Babymoons are on trend these days. It’s the last little bit of freedom you get to enjoy before your bundle of joy makes their appearance into the world. After a little convincing and planning with sweet friends, David and I made a conscious decision to take a little babymoon of our own.

What’s a babymoon and when should you take one?

A babymoon is simply a relaxing vacation for parents to be before their baby is born. It’s a time to get away from the world and allow yourself that last chance to be a couple. Some people travel far away while others take a short weekend trip to essential escape the real world. The critical component of a babymoon is to cherish the time you and your significant other remembering that even with a baby coming into the world, you were a team first.

As for when you should take a babymoon, it really depends on your preference. Of course, you don’t want to take one too early in your pregnancy as your body is still dealing with the hormonal changes. Personally, I would recommend 20 to 32 weeks to make the most of your trip. I waited until I was halfway (21 weeks) through my pregnancy before we embarked on our own babymoon. It was perfect timing and I was comfortable enough to enjoy our weekend away.

Our babymoon experience in Broken Bow

Ideally, I wanted an experience that I could pull myself away from technology and politics. Basically a weekend an opportunity to disconnect. David and I enjoyed a nice long weekend with friends up in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. As soon as we arrived, our cell phones had no service and I knew that it would be the perfect weekend. The entire weekend consisted of being off the grid and it was glorious.

We enjoyed the company of our friends, being outside on hikes, and enjoying the activities that made us both happy. David went mountain biking, I read on the deck and by the fire, and we spent an evening cuddled in bed together talking about how much our lives are about to change.

babymoon selfie

babymoon hike

babymoon cabin

Why is a babymoon important?

Before finding out that I was pregnant, I just thought babymoons were this fad. This idealistic vacation that soon to be parents took to have an excuse to get away before baby. I never imagined how beneficial a babymoon truly would be, until I experienced our own.

As the weeks dwindle, our lives are consumed with meeting our wee lil unicorn. Our babymoon was exactly what we needed to actually reconnect ourselves together. It was refreshing remembering all of the good times we have had and can still have. Just because we are about to have a baby doesn’t mean it will change the dynamics of our relationship. A babymoon is such an important component to really ground yourself as a couple before embarking on parenthood.

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