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I went on a small twitter rant yesterday because of my first bad experience with a sponsorship. After a year of blogging, I am lucky that I am just coming across my very first experience with a blogger who just downright ignored me. I sponsored quite a few of my favorite reads, because 1. I like them so much I am willing to throw my money at them and 2. supporting them helped in turn with my blog becoming a big girl. Since this master’s program has started to get closer to the end, I have realized that I need to dedicate quite a bit of time to my education. This means I have had to take a step back from spending a few hours reading my favorite blogs and commenting on them every day. Hell, some days I don’t have time to even read one blog. If you missed it, I am a wife, have a career, and just happen to be a perfect graduate student (at the moment and hoping to keep it that way).

A few of my favorite bloggers have been more than understanding about this – I mean one of them even allowed me to postpone my sponsor spot when I sent them a desperate email that I was drowning at the start of my capstone project. Another religiously drops by and leaves me sweet comments on the far and few blog posts that I manage to squeeze in during this hectic time.

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What I have learned as I find my niche in this blog land is that, you have people that understand and are there for you. At the beginning of all the good sponsorships, I have received helpful emails on with the simple notion of “what can I do to help you and your blog?” It’s been a refreshing experience and very unusual for me, because it’s all still new. Remember, I use to blog at a time when Xanga was cool and when Blogger was just a bunch of random girls in 2007 and 2008 writing online diaries with no money exchanged. This community can make or break you, which is why it’s important to be good to others.

I sponsored a blog back in July of 2013 with a start date of December 31. She offered a really good deal on twitter and I had read a few of her blog posts to be familiar enough to give it a shot. As the next few months went on, I realized more and more that this may have been a mistake. Her sidebar was peppered with numerous other bloggers and scrolling became a pain in the ass. Being the awesome person that I am, I let it slide – maybe things would change by the time my spot came around.

Wrong. My sponsor post should’ve started on December 31, 2013. I waited to hear from said blogger. Life happens, I am living proof of that. I get that sometimes you just need to take a break, step back and breathe a bit. Maybe you have too many bloggers on your side bar, so I waited patiently. Yesterday was my point to just count my loss, when she tweeted out about her other sponsors and failed to mention me. No sort of communication was given after I spent my money for a spot on your blog – nothing. I deleted the sponsorship on passionfruit ads, an email is drafted to go to said blogger, and I am counting my blogging blessings.

I had my rant on twitter yesterday and WOW, I have some legit blog friends. The emails, direct messages, and tweets I received were worth it all. We have to realize that we are all putting ourselves on the line by supporting each other. I sponsor blogs because I believe in them and truly appreciate the content they write. This experience happened for a reason, it wasn’t meant for me to have said blogger apart of the foundation I am building (even if it’s being drunk on vodka). She wasn’t meant to be apart of my legacy (aka perpetual state of drunkenness and sewing goddess).

So to the said blogger who claims she is a social media maverick and some hot shot in Dallas, thank you. Thank you for reminding fuckme that your desperate pleas for people to sponsor your blog were for all the wrong reasons. I may have gotten caught up in your trap, but I’ll be damned if I ever read your blog again.

There are quality bloggers out there that understand the meaning of putting your best self forward and helping us new folks out. It’s a community for a reason, the only way to move forward is to help each other.

Best of luck to you in the future, because when Ware is the Vodka blows up, I’ll be sure to show you Ware the hell you can shove it….

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  • Reply Whitney

    Well said my dear! I had a similar experience earlier last year. Fortunately it wasn’t a large amount of money lost, but every dollar counts! For that one crappy experience though, I’ve had about 5 great ones. (I don’t sponsor much) I’ve also made some really great connections over the almost 3 years I’ve been doing this, so keep on truckin girl.

    January 9, 2014 at 9:28 am
    • Reply Sevi

      It’s just so sad because I know other people are falling into her sick little trap. I hope it works out better for them.

      January 12, 2014 at 10:58 am
  • Reply Amanda

    Luckily I’ve only had a couple of bad sponsorship instances. I started off slow so that I could learn how to realize the value of the sponsors I did and whatnot.

    January 9, 2014 at 2:05 pm
    • Reply Sevi

      So smart, eventually when I get to that point I will definitely do my research and make sure I offer the best customer service ever!

      January 12, 2014 at 10:59 am
  • Reply kathy@vodka and soda

    that is total bullshit and i’m so sorry that blogger was such a wangface! i had a few bloggers legit ignore me and then when they did manage to respond to my comment eleventy billion years later, it was some lameass canned response where they clearly didn’t even read my comment and then had the fucking nerve to ask if i can sponsor her. i deleted that shit immediately and never went back to her blog. the nerve of some people!!

    January 10, 2014 at 5:32 pm
    • Reply Sevi

      It sucks so much, but over it. Totally learned my lesson with this one. You know I love you and will sponsor you as soon as I graduate this semester!!!!

      January 12, 2014 at 11:01 am
  • Reply Kakers

    This is why I don’t like the whole sponsoring things, I didn’t know about until recently when I came back to blogging. Back in 2008 2009 this was never an issue, people read or didn’t read and it was all good. Now it’s all “look at me look at me”. I hope you were able to get your money back, because there is nothing worst than paying for a services and not getting it.
    I’ve learned to stay away from the bigger blogs, it’s just to much of a hassle and really not worth it in the end.Stick to the people who believe in community and helping each other.

    January 29, 2014 at 6:27 am
    • Reply Sevi

      I actually never contacted her. I had an email drafted and ready to go, but never sent it because honestly she wasn’t worth my time. I have learned my lesson and it won’t happen again.

      January 30, 2014 at 5:47 pm

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