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Evaluating 3 Keys to Be On Purpose

As a millennial, I’m constantly feeling the pressure of the negative connotations that are associated with Gen Y. Which is why it’s become one of my passions in life to prove people wrong about all of those connotations about Gen Y and better myself each step of the way. A part of that goal is enriching my life in a number of different ways, but my favorite would definitely be reading.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been immersed in The Kingmaker by Tony Bridwell. A little backstory, I’ve been lucky enough to consider Tony and his family – near and dear friends because of one of my happiest places on earth, The Vintage House. I was lucky to snag a signed copy after from Tony at one of the first book signings here in Dallas and was given a small assignment to report back on. Two questions: Who is my favorite character? Mac, Parker McIntosh Who do I relate to the most? Em, Emily Ellis

I won’t get into why, because I don’t want to give away their roles in the novel. What I do want to share are the 3 key takeaways directly from the story that I’ve evaluated in my leadership, purpose, and integrity driven life.

“key principle in life: a person whose life is purpose-centered, and committed to investing in others, yields a greater return than a life centered on self.”

Now more than ever, my life has become purpose-centered and driven, but the investing in others was another thing. This was a very tough pill for me to swallow because I’ve always been a “me, myself, and I” individual. I do understand now more than ever that my greatest strengths are displayed when I’m around a group of like-minded individuals. Over the years, I’ve learned to really invest my beliefs and worth in others that are positive attributes to my life instead of going the path alone.

“We are all wired for purpose. Our purpose is why we are here.”

Purpose is intention. We all have an intention, personally and professionally. Tapping into our intentions is another story. While reading this story, I was very lucky to have a clear ideal of what my purpose is in life. If you aren’t there this will be a very hard story for you to follow as you are learning about different people have to redirect their purpose in a different manner. I have another blog up my sleeves in regards to purpose, so stay tune!

Lead with love, be vulnerable (with sharing your own hardships and allowing others to share theirs with you), and focus on strengths

This is probably one of the takeaways that I have to focus on the most. I can say that these three steps are practiced in my personal and professional lifestyle, but not as consistently as they should be. In some of these areas I’m much stronger than others (i.e. focusing on strengths), while in others (being vulnerable) are a continued cycle of practice and patience. What I can say is that these fundamentals are more apparent now more than ever, for my continued growth on my leadership path.

If you are in need of a great story that will help you understand the potential of your own leadership, purpose, and integrity – I highly recommend The Kingmaker. Two reads later, I’ve already started to highlight and make notes on sections that I need to polish my skills up on. Purchase your copy and let’s discuss once you’re finished reading!

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