Believe in the good.

When I talk about work on here, it’s mostly because of my long days and my desperate need of a glass of wine. I work for Girl Scouts. Our mission is simple.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

I believe in this more than anything and truly try my hardest to make sure that every girl is afforded the opportunity to be in Girl Scouts. My Girl Scouting experience was not as stellar as I would’ve liked it to be – which is tragic really it wasn’t the program that turned me away. It was my leader, she was the main reason why I didn’t want to be apart of the organization. To get into that story, would be too much and unnecessary. I learned a valuable lesson from her, don’t make any promises you aren’t willing to keep.

When I first got this job, it was my redeeming opportunity from my Girl Scout experience. I vowed that I would find quality leaders to provide any and every girl with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Now, that’s not easy being a volunteer driven organization – but I make it work.

It’s my job. I do it every day. Day in. Day out. Sometimes I pull late nights 2, sometimes 3 nights a week. Others, I spend my time answering emails at 10:30PM.

Like I said, it’s my job.

I’ve got a great team of volunteers on my side and they help alleviate some of the stress and pressure of my job. Today, they proved to me that no matter how stressed, exhausted, and undervalued I may feel that they really care. appreciation_Pin

I was awarded the GSUSA Appreciation Award, this pin recognizes an adult Girl Scout who has delivered consistent outstanding service to at least one GS Service Unit or program delivery audience for at least 3 years in a way that furthers the achievement of the Council’s goals.

Talk about floored. Absolutely stunned. Just downright unexpected. It was a genuine moment in my life that just reminded me why I am so grateful for my volunteers and the women that I work with. We all know that this job is hard and I can attest that our Membership Department works the long days and nights for the greater good of our organization. I wouldn’t be anything without my Area 6 team, my awesome Retail staff, and all the volunteers of Plano, Allen, and McKinney. We’re just one big happy family and I’m honored that someone took the time to recognize little ol’ me!

Off to a late meeting for work.

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