Betty WHO?

Basically I had the most low key weekend ever spent stressing over finishing up my last minute Christmas shopping and the many changes happening in my life. The silver lining to my weekend was I got to play Betty Crocker with my adopted momma, Claire.

I’ll put it like this, Claire introduced me to her apple pies a few years ago and I ate nearly one entire pie in a sitting. They are so filling and savory – and this is coming from a girl who did not like apple pies. How un-American of me is that?!?! I know, this is a judge free zone because Claire changed my mind.

Since we are spending Christmas together, I put out into the universe that I wanted to bake a pie with her. Claire graciously obliged and I marked it on my calendar….

Running a little late, I finally made my way over to the “Braz Household” and Claire had everything ready to go. Apples, the most adorable Pyrex dishes (slowly my resolve is starting to break as I see everyone’s amazing Pyrex collections), and every other ingredient needed to make the Perfect Apple Pie. She was even kind enough to write my own recipe card to take home!

After completely losing it over my own recipe card to surprise people with my own apple pies, we got started and I had no idea what I was in for.

I PEELED APPLES! Not with an apple peeler, but with a pairing knife. Yeah, you read that correctly – an old fashioned pairing knife. For this young lady, that was a challenge but Claire encouraged me every step of the way (and I was way behind her).

apples peeled and ready to be sweetened

As we prepped our sweet confection, I couldn’t help but eat the tart slivers of apples. Quality purposes of course! The recipe was easy and Claire was the perfect teacher. Her patience with my endless jokes and need to confirm that I was indeed doing everything correctly was beyond me. Before you know it, we had two pies prepped and ready to pop in the oven.

final products

Our final products were amazing and I patiently waited an entire day before cutting mine!

When I finally did cut it, I shared with David and Mia – who both approved of the Perfect Apple Pie. Don’t be surprised when I am making this for birthdays, weddings, and much more!



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    You should do a blog on making homemade ice cream so you can make APPLE PIE A LA MODE!

    December 25, 2014 at 11:55 am
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