Birth Story: Hey There Delilah, Part 1

She’s here and I’ve been promising this birth story for a while. It’s been interesting remembering our birth experience and being delighted over our sweet girl.

To put things into perspective, by June 5 I had reached my point of being done with pregnancy. Everything in my body was hurting, sleep was nonexistent, and my specialist kept explaining that our baby girl was looking large at 39 weeks. At our last OBGYN appointment, my OB gave us the out we were looking for. Everything was in line and I qualified for being induced. With David’s work schedule and my exhaustion of the whole situation, we ran with it. Before we left the office, our induction was on the calendar and the countdown to the baby was more real than ever.

Birth Story Day 1 – June 7, 2017

David and I enjoy one last breakfast together at Crossroads Diner after 2 days of hoping that our little one would make her way into the world on her own. We took the time to reflect on the last few years of our relationship as a duo. The anticipation of adding our own third wheel was exciting. After taking care of our last minute details, we finally made it to the hospital for our 4:30 PM check in.

With paperwork completed, they got us into our room and started the first part of the inducing process with cervidil to soften the cervix. David, Claire and I attempted to get sleep as I started to feel my first real contractions after weeks of Braxton hicks. The night was long, the bed wasn’t the most comfortable, and sleep was extremely hard to come by. This was probably the least exciting portion of the journey to our baby girl.

Birth Story Day 2 – June 8, 2017

Let’s Have a Baby!

After a night of extremely restless attempts at sleeping, we were moved down to the Labor and Delivery unit by 7:30 AM. Delilah’s godmother, Katie, arrived and my go team was in place for the big day. We met with our labor nurse, Lauren, and she gave us the entire run down of the day. This was helpful and prepared us for what we knew would be a long day of hurry up and wait. With the breakdown of what we were looking at, the day kicked off with my nurse starting me on Pitocin. We were on our way to the real deal.

By 10:30 AM, the Pitocin was dripping and contractions were coming along – all while Comey testified after his abrupt firing. As the Pitocin worked its way into my system, David and I did a lot of breathing through contractions. My sweet guy was so attentive and made sure that I was comfortable with lavender oil calming me along the way. An hour later, my OB arrived to brief me on the day and check how I was doing. Dilated at 2 centimeters, we decided it was time to break my water to get labor to really kick in.

Epidural Please?!?

After my OB broke my water, the first contraction I faced was more than I expected. The next one was manageable with David’s help. By the fourth contraction after having my water broke, I knew that the natural birth life wasn’t for me. I don’t do pain and I wasn’t in the mindset to mentally prepare myself for each contraction. Between the night before and most of the morning being a constant struggle to reach 3 centimeters – I needed a break. David didn’t hesitate to find the anesthesiologist. Twenty minutes later, my nurse was telling me to chill out and try to get some sleep…..

Part Two of Hey There Delilah

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  • Reply Suzy

    Girl those contractions are no joke. I was doing great until my water broke and then I was puking from the pain and I had the “baby shakes.” Even with all the birthing classes, there is so much going on and the pain is so real, you’re ready to sacrifice your husband to the epidural gods if it will make it all better LOL

    August 9, 2017 at 3:38 pm
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