Birth Story: Hey There Delilah, Part 2

As you know, I have a baby girl now. This is our birth story. If you need to catch up, part 1 is here. Let’s not waste any time, here is the rest of it…

Birth Story Day 2 – June 8, 2017 Continued….

Baby in Distress

Throughout the day, my sweet nurse kept flipping me from side to side to make baby girl comfortable. At the end of each of my contractions, her heart rate would dip (all normal) but they wanted it to remain consistent. Each time they checked me for progress, I wasn’t dilating as far along as they wanted me to. Finally around 3:30PM, my OB and nurse broke the news to me – the pitocin had maxed out and if my body didn’t decided that it wanted to deliver a baby soon we would have to seek other options. C-Section was mentioned and I officially started to doubt my decision to be induced. The convenience was great on my end, but it looked like baby girl just wasn’t quite ready to make her way into the world.

With on last ditch effort, they opted to monitor my contractions internally with a device that lined my uterus. Once they had the device set up, I was told to get some more rest and we would come back to check on progress around 5:30PM.

Please tell me you aren’t kidding!

The next two hours consisted of me resting. I finally was getting the sleep I was missing those last few weeks of pregnancy. Those two hours in that delivery room bed were so peaceful and needed. On the dot, my nurse was back in the room at 5:30PM. She was asking how I was feeling and if I needed anything. I let her know that I could feel an increase in pain from my contractions and she opted to check my progress before giving me an up in my epidural.

At this point, I knew the drill and was in position for yet another (in my mind) disappointing cervix check. With my eyes closed, I heard a gasp and the best words to happen in the long hours of being in labor and delivery. “Oh! You’re at a 6….no, a 7!” Claire and Katie both jumped up from the couch, as I stammered to collect myself. The only thing I could say was “Please tell me you aren’t kidding!” My nurse told me that she was looking for a centimeter every hour at each check. We were on our way to having a baby…..


By 7:00 PM, the nursing staff was switching over and L&D was the place to be. My OB was pretty popular with quite a few new moms anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little ones. We met our new nurse who then told us that she would check my progress around 7:45 PM and to just hang out until then. Katie was attentive in watching my contractions, David walked around to stay awake, and Claire made sure that she kept Pops updated on all things pertaining to baby girl.
As 7:45 PM approached, I could feel the pressure of the contractions more and could definitely feel a shift of pressure on my cervix. When the nurse arrived to have me shift my weight to better accommodate baby girl’s heart rate, she checked my progress. “Yeah, that’s baby’s head. You’re complete. Let me grab the table and page the doctor.”

We. Are. Having. A. Baby.

With those final words from my nurse, my body went cold. Everything became a blur as David almost got hit in the head with the lamp that was being lowered to give both doctor and nurse a good view. Claire started pacing and instantly texted Pops to let him know that we were about to begin the real deal of bringing baby girl into the world. I remember Katie repeating that “we’re going to have a baby” over and over, while getting me a blanket because I was too cold to even function.

My doctor came in and told me that this was it. We were about to have a baby and she didn’t have any room in the OR for me with so many other women being prepped for C-Sections. This was it. My doctor stated the nurse was going to get me started on pushing and she would be right back in to help welcome our girl into the world.

It was shortly after 8:00 PM that my go team was in their places coaching me through contractions and my breathing. Each push was met with encouragement and praise, as we got closer and closer to her arrival. Claire was at my shoulder with kind words. Katie manned my oxygen mask as I mustered up all the strength each push. David was right there giving me a play by play of how close we were to meeting our baby girl (and reminding me that I lost our bet because she had a head full of hair). I remember my doctor coming back into the room and prepping herself for delivery. With each push, she let me know that we were so close and I was doing so well.

Hey There Delilah, Welcome to the World!

I distinctly remember looking at the clock on the wall at 8:43 PM when my doctor told me that I had two more contractions to push this girl out. If you know me, really know me, I love a challenge. This was it. What I had mentally and physically prepared for over the last 40 weeks. I was there on a mission and nothing was going to stop me from accomplishing it on my terms.

Baby girl was kind during those last two contractions because I had plenty of time to catch my breath. With those last first to last contraction, I reached deep down inside with everything I had left. After it was over, my doctor let me know that this was it and she was ready. As I felt the pressure of the next contraction, I beared down and pushed to abruptly be stopped. My doctor told me she needed just one little push.

Before we knew it at 8:53 PM, my doctor lifted up the most precious little girl and the emotions overflowed. The sweetest little cry filled the room and my doctor laid this sweet baby on my chest. At that moment, I knew my life was complete. As the nurse took our baby girl to be measured, I thanked my go team for their support. We had done it and she was here.

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    Yes I cried reading this. Congratulations! You do a great job of making the readers feel like we were there.

    August 10, 2017 at 12:10 pm
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    August 24, 2017 at 10:32 pm
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