Christmas Traditions with James Avery

Enamel Christmas Tree Charm gifted ℅ James Avery. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Christmas is a special time of the year for my family. From when I was a child, one of my fondest memories is every year picking out a fresh cut tree. Being able to share the quality time with my family decorating, laughing, and getting into the spirit was always dear to me.

Budding Christmas Traditions

During the early years of our marriage, we never shared any traditions for Christmas. David was either on a deployment or we would be home visiting family. It wasn’t until December of 2011 that David and I quickly realized that we needed to create our own memories. After years of being married, we needed something to call our own. I automatically wanted to share my love for fresh cut trees. Never would I imagine the pushback that I would receive with one simple request. David explained that growing up his family never had a real tree and his allergies would be horrid with one. We reached a point where we needed to figure out what would work best for us.

O ‘Real or Fake’ Christmas Tree!

Growing up, my family always set up our Christmas decor shortly after Thanksgiving. It made sense to have the maximum amount of time to relish in the spirit of the holiday. I wasted no time with David and put my foot down – we were getting a real tree. When we got married, David claimed he was allergic to dogs (he grew up with an outside dog). With three puppies running around our house, my case was made for the tree and he didn’t put up a fight.

A Christmas Classic

What David and I didn’t imagine happening was a classic Christmas tradition that would stick for years to come. After purchasing our first real tree, it was the beginning of yet another chapter in our memories. To mark it, we ended up cutting a small sliver off the bottom to commemorate the year. Little did we know that our 2011 tree would create a tradition that continues to bring the best meaning to our family every year.

Christmas Slivers

Each year a new silver signifies happiness and love within our family. We are able to look back and appreciate everything we survived and what we have to look forward to.

A James Avery Christmas

Over the years, I’ve owned numerous pieces of James Avery jewelry and each piece has a special meaning to a time in my life. They are symbols of my story and this Christmas I’ve got a new chapter to add. The beautiful Enamel Christmas tree charm symbolizes the special tradition that David and I have created within our little family.

Christmas James Avery

It’s a tradition that we can continue to share with our sweet little girl as she gets older. I’m looking forward to the day that I can share this sweet charm with her while we sit together revisiting each sliver of our past trees and recall the memories we made.

What Christmas memories do you share with your family? Visit James Avery to see more of the beautiful charms to celebrate your own traditions.

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