The Good, The Bad, The AWESOME, and The Ugly of Fan Days Dallas

This past weekend Dallas Comic Con held a precursor to the big event in May with Fan Days at the Irving Convention Center. Yours truly was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go and check it out while helping our the Irving Convention Center Social Media team (FYI – they did a fabulous job keeping everyone informed and engaged with all of the activities over the span of the weekend). This was a huge deal for me as I’ve always wanted to really experience one of the Dallas Comic Con events, considering San Diego was always a huge deal. The weekend was jam packed, but I’ve managed to condense into 4 categories: the good, the bad, the AWESOME, and the ugly.

The Good

Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop

They had these awesome mugs for sell that could be used to refill and refuel with their tasty soda pop. It was the best $15 spent and I definitely got more than my money’s worth on this. After we purchased ours at the beginning of day 1 – Valery, Stephanie, and I definitely should’ve earned some commission for the number of times we had to direct people on where they could purchase their own mug. More on this later…


The vendors has killer prices set for all of their goods and I took advantage of it. If you know David and I we are huge The Walking Dead fans, so we managed to cash in on a few things to decorate our home with in regards to our favorite show. I also snagged a few pieces that spoke to my heart and personality – how adorable are those little afrolicious beauties. The Hellboy print is the most sentimental because my dad knew how obsessed I was with that movie and never judged me for me.

Icomic con - dallas - fan days - cosplay - irvingtxcccomic con - dallas - fan days - cosplay - irvingtxcc

The Bad

Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop

Remember that awesome perk of free refills for the entire weekend…well, it didn’t pan out as smoothly as anybody would’ve have liked it to. I am sure if they were able to have a second location for ice and soda refills, it would make life much easier. Instead, we were all faced with a good 10 minutes of waiting in line to refill your mug. By Sunday, they tried to make it less painful by clearly labeling where you could purchase and refill. It honestly didn’t matter, because that one refill station just wasn’t enough for over 9000 people.

Photo Op Lines

Nobody seemed to know how to go about organizing the photo op lines for the most cohesive manner of getting people through for their pictures. It didn’t help that they had Stephen Amell and John Barrowman in town for this massive event. I am not quite sure they thought out the sheer magnitude of the fandoms of both of these gentlemen. My receipt for my photo op said to arrive 5 – 15 minutes before my picture to line up for the photo. Good thing, I don’t follow direction well because I sat around for an hour and 45 minutes when they started lining people up an HOUR before the photo was suppose to happen.

Not cool Fans Day, not cool!


John Barrowman

Basically, I want to become a Barrowman groupie. If you just look at any of the pictures he took at Fan Days this weekend, just know that anything goes. I’ve already followed him on Instagram and next time he is in Texas, I will be a Captain Jack fanatic!

Stephen Amell

There were tears after I had him sign our beautiful picture together and David comforted me (along with making inappropriate jokes). He genuinely is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met. Honestly. He was so polite and thanked everyone after every picture and signature. When I told him that my dad has passed from cancer and his now infamous f*ck cancer campaign meant a lot. He looked me directly in the eye and  said it was great that we could do something so impactful to benefit others.

No words. He is phenomenal and we take really good pictures together!

Stephen Amell - comic con - dallas - fan days - cosplay - irvingtxcc

Mini Arrow

OMG! This kid has me cracking up because he was spot on the Vigilante. As I was chatting up and noticed this cute little guy, is when he dropped the bomb on us. “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!” Can we please get a round of applause for this kid’s parents?!? THAT IS PARENTING DONE RIGHT! They had their own little foursome of Double Arrow and Double Arsenal – basically, they won for costumes of the weekend.

You have failed this city!

You have failed this city!

My Personal Whovian Trio

You know I love running into my people and Comic Con was no exception. All David had to do was call out Ryan and Belinda – that was my cue to take off in a full sprint to reach my fellow geeky trio. Belinda is my sister friend and one of the power women in my life. I have been blessed to have her in my life for the last 4 years and she is a constant when I just need someone to hear me out. AnyWHO (see what I did there), I knew they would be at Fan Days and we had plans to connect on Sunday, but those plans accelerated much faster. How adorable is her daughter, aka my bestest friends in the entire whole wide world, Maddie! I mean, she’s the 11th doctor for goodness sake and rocking that fez like a champ! Throughout the day we were able to chat it up and they even saved me a few hours of standing in line for Stephen’s autograph by paying it forward with their leftover jumps. Love having such amazing and geeky people in my life!

comic con - dallas - fan days - cosplay - irvingtxcc  - doctor who - 11th doctor

The Ugly


Maybe because I’ve managed volunteers I find myself being too harsh on them. I’ll be the first to say that I was incredibly harsh on these volunteers this weekend, but in my defense for good reasons. One, there is a way to speak with people (especially when a vast majority are adults) we don’t take kind to belittling yells when we are being herded like cattle. It’s also your job as a volunteer to know the situation at all times and be ready at the drop of a dime to help an individual out. To make a long story short, don’t send a teen in a wheelchair outside to wait in line for his photo op and the line spans down an entire flight of stairs. The only way to get down is an elevator, that will put him even further in line. Oh and when someone approaches you and that individual, please provide your name next time.

@DallasComicCon on Twitter

After being so upset with the wheelchair situation, I went to the only place natural that I could express my outcries – Twitter. I hashtagged #fandays and #dallascomiccon expressing my concerns; also, I tweeted @DallasComicCon with my disappoint in their volunteers knowledge of the venue and assisting this young man with their ill prepared photo op line up. It’s Wednesday, February 11th and I still haven’t received a reply from them. Of course, the volunteers were not helpful at all seeing as they both refused to remove their jackets and pull their name badges out for people to see. Just bad PR on @DallasComicCon’s part.

If you’ve read all of that, I hope you enjoyed my weekend recap! The countdown to the big event has already started and I’m going to throw my name in the hat for media credentials for this little corner of the internet. Keep your fingers crossed!

Now I’m off to write an irate email to the organizers of Dallas Comic Con.

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