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It’s Friday and a little after 5:00 – basically the most appropriate time to be debating when and where you are meeting your friends to enjoy a night out on the town. Unfortunately, my skin is crawling even thinking about venturing Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 5.03.33 PMoutside of my little suburbia safe haven. You’re probably wondering why and I’m tell you exactly why….the city of Dallas is the host for this little thing called The Final Four.

The funny thing is all of the games are in Arlington, but Downtown Dallas is basically capitalizing on the fact that they have arrived. Concerts galore, family friendly events, and of course the rich and vibrant nightlife that is sure to bring in any and everyone who is looking for a good time.

It’s a good thing I spent last night in Deep Ellum with three of my favorite guys. After leaving voyager, we headed out for a night on the town.

Can you believe I had a first last night?!?! I enjoyed my very first alcoholic beverage with my younger brother – mind you he has been legal for a good 4 years now. Life just happens.

Deep Ellum on a Thursday night is just pure bliss! Hardly anybody was out and it’s nice to be able to just have a decent conversation with everyone. We hit up Serious Pizza for a quick dinner and then what has become my absolute

favorite place, Black Swan Saloon (shout out to Sarah for getting me hooked). Gabe, aka the most amazing bartender known to man, was fantastic and delivered the most delicious drink with strawberry vodka. As I sat there enjoying the serene fact that I didn’t have a worry in the world, I came across a bottle behind bar labeled danger. The conversation that happened after that cannot be repeated, but if you are a Dallasite – don’t act like a jerk at Black Swan Saloon or you’ll get what’s coming to you!

I digress, I may stay at home tonight. If someone calls me and says bring you ass out, I may go out. As for right now, I just want the normalness of Dallas to return.


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