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Connected, A Millennial’s Guide to the Hottest Podcasts

I work an 8 hour job Monday through Friday. When I’m not blogging, working out, or spending time with friends/family, I’ve started coming up with ingenious ways to occupy my free time. I briefly talked about how I was coping with my mundane lifestyle of trying to be a blogger that I’m definitely not, by enriching myself with a number of other entertaining avenues.

I quickly realized that I’m not the only person who needs to break up the day to day motions of everything life has to throw your way. We’re all human and life is fun when you can share the simple things that get you by each day. As a millennial, I made the decision months ago to ditch cable and solely rely on the vast amounts of modern technology to feed my connected need.

From podcasts, Netflix, HBO Now, and so much more I’m constantly feeding my needs without breaking the bank. I figured I would pull together a few of my favorite recommendations for you all to share with friends, coworkers, family, or whoever you see fit!

Let’s talk podcasts today!

There are times when I need to really accelerate the workday and power through it with limited distractions. I’ve learned that podcasts are extremely helpful with avoiding listening to the same songs every day on your to and from the office. These are 4 very-well established podcasts that will tide you over for the next few months (or at least until you want to listen to all the holiday music….like me).

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

I’ve been obsessed with true crime since I was in middle school, so discovering this podcast was the holy grail. Karen and Georgia has secretly become the best friends that I giggle and conspire over the most morbid of crimes that have happened over the years. From serial killers, to mass murders, unsolved cold cases, and the grandest crimes (yeah, OJ – we’re looking at you) – this comedic discussion of death never gets old. Leave your shoes and conscience at the door, because you are in for a deathly treat.

The Bright Sessions

You’ll quickly learn that I have a thing for audio dramas with this selection and the next. This podcast follows a therapist and her unique patients that each possess a supernatural ability. Each episode you are immersed in the discoveries and struggles of each patient – as a unique story line weaves itself together connecting the characters in more ways than you could ever imagine. The first two seasons are available right now with the third season coming up this fall, so catch up now!


Blame Valery for getting me hooked onto this podcast. With just one season under its books, I’m guilty for checking my podcast app every day to see if a new episode will miraculously appear out of nowhere. To be honest, I’m not even sure how to describe the premise of Limetown. The investment you’ll get from this 7 episode podcast will leave you begging for more. Make this a priority now.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

It’s Anna Faris, who is married to Chris Pratt, giving “not-so-great relationship” advice. We’ve all seen the pictures of Anna, Chris, and their adorable little son Jack – we all know that they are basically relationship goals. It’s funny, real, relatable (as much as Hollywood can be), and from time to time we’ll get a fun guest appearance from our favorite leading guy Chris. You can’t beat this podcast!

Any podcasts that you’re interested in?!? Leave them in the comments!

Be sure to come back tomorrow and we’ll talk shows I’m obsessed with.

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  • Reply Heather Webb

    I’m very interested in checking out The Bright Sessions and My Favorite Murder now!

    Some of my favorites are The Black Tapes, sort of in the same vein as Limetown, which I also love. I just got into Oh No Ross and Carrie and their series on Scientology was super interesting. I also started getting into Sword and Scale, a true crime podcast but it’s not really comedic, more just about disturbing or crazy cases.

    August 23, 2016 at 1:24 pm
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