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Connected, A Millennial’s Guide to the Hottest Shows

If you missed yesterday’s blog, we talked all about staying connected in the digital age of cutting cable. I gave a little insight into my current podcast obsession and shared the love with not 1 or 2, but 4 different podcasts that are worth taking a listen to.

Today, I wanted to share the love with a few of the shows that I’ve been investing quite a bit of time in. If you’re cool, you’ve already invested your time in all of these and can easily begin a slow clap for my good taste in television. If not, you need to start planning your binge weekends. You’re going to want to catch up on these!

The Night Of (HBO)

I work for a police department and my obsession with crime is real. From my day job, podcast, and clearly television taste, I just enjoy crime. If you haven’t heard about this limited series currently airing on HBO right now, you need to jump on this. If you are familiar with the Serial podcast, this is definitely going to be a show that you enjoy. With a powerhouse cast and accurate insight to the qualms of the criminal justice system, you can’t help but find yourself immersed in the story of Naz’s predicament.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

A kid disappearing, a deranged hell bent mother, creepy loyal brother, annoying older sister, mom jeans wearing smart best friend, inquisitive sheriff, rag tag gang of friends, and one kick ass Eggo loving special abilities welding young girl make up the best supernatural/science fiction show I’ve watched in a long time. That was the most drawn out, overrun sentence but needed to sum up the amazingness of this Netflix Original. It’s creepy, intriguing, and comedic genius all wrapped in one beautifully presented package. The retro feel takes you back to a nostalgic time as you are become attached to all of the beloved characters throughout this story line. Watch it now. Really, like now.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Like most millennials, I get my news from Twitter at the drop of a hat. Before it’s even really news, I have some semblance of what is going on in the world. Unless it’s breaking news that everyone is talking about around the office water cooler, I’ve learned to detach myself from all the smaller issues in the world. This is where Last Week Tonight with John Oliver comes in. Each week, I am an avid viewer of the quick recaps of the last week with the witty hostess with the mostest. The humor breaks up the mundane fear mongering that you are normally fed by mainstream media and Oliver keeps it real. If you ever want brutally honest tea on Donald Trump, mainstream media, and the corrupt systems all around the world – tune in.

The Get Down (Netflix)

This is the dark horse of all the shows on this list because it hasn’t quite reached mainstream media. Let me put it this way, this is a real gem for the hip hop heads. If you aren’t watching it, you’re doing yourself a disservice for a few reasons:

  • The soundtrack is fire!
  • The story line is like nothing you’ve seen before – part coming of age, love, musical, social/economic/racial issues
  • The diverse cast brings the entire story to life

I started this show without David because I didn’t think he could ever be into a story like this. We finished it together and invested in waiting it out for part 2 to premiere in 2017. With only 6 episodes in part 1 of this saga, you can easily find yourself immersed in the funky fresh era of the late 70s and how hip hop started the come up. Shout out to Nas for feeding my musical roots with this masterpiece!

Any shows that you’re interested in?!? Leave them in the comments!

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