The Countdown: Ninety Nine Baby Bottles on the Wall

The countdown is on. We have reached the coveted double digits of this pregnancy with just 99 days left until our official due date. Our wee lil unicorn is kicking and pretty much loves her daddy’s voice. As each day creeps to an end, I get a little giddy thinking about how we are just that much closer to meeting her. When I wake up in the mornings, reality slaps me in the face that I’m going to have a baby. Who thought this was a good idea? Clearly, my uterus did and failed to send me the memo.

With just 99 days left, I’ve come across a few realities that I need to kick into high gear.

Countdown Reality 1 – Must finish baby registries for the sake of this baby shower….and my sanity!

We may be 99 days away from baby’s official due date, but our shower is in 52 days. The only registry I’ve completed is Amazon and that’s only because I could do it from the comfort of my own home. I need to make it a priority soon to hit up Buy Buy Baby and Target to finish both of those registries to give people options.

My hesitation may be the fact that the more things I register for, the reality kicks in that I’m going to have to let people shower me with gifts. As much as I brag about being the center of attention, it’s always a little unsettling at the same time. The best way I can explain it is, I simply enjoy showering other people with love and affection than receiving it. A part of me just never feels worthy enough of all the love and support I have in my corner.

Call me crazy, but that’s just how I am!

Countdown Reality 2 – Can nesting kick in already?!?

Pretty sure it’s kicked in for one of us because the running list of to-do items that David has going right now rivals any I have ever created. He had one day off and tackled so much in our house. All I could do was look at him and apologize profusely.

This is the point in pregnancy where I don’t feel like myself. I can’t quite pinpoint the feelings that I’m experiencing, but they are definitely unlike any I have ever come across. My body has changed, my energy level fluctuates, and the aches are always there. Any other time, I would spend an entire weekend cleaning my house and redecorating for the spring weather. None of that has even crossed my mind.

I need this nesting period now. Please and thank you!

Countdown Reality 3 – We’re going to have a baby in less than 100 days!

Hi, may I ask who’s speaking? Oh, it’s just real life slapping you square dead in the face with less than 100 days until you’re a parent. From nursery preparations, packing a hospital bag, and actually thinking about labor – things are reaching a new level of insanity.

We are in deep into this countdown and looking ahead. Looking forward to the anticipation of meeting our little girl. Ready to discover what we will be like as more than just Sevi and David. Excited to take on our new roles as mommy and daddy.

Can you believe that we are finally at 99 days? Experienced moms, what were your feelings at this point? Any advice on how to cope during the next 99 (give or take) days? Can someone send me an easy to follow a checklist of things I need to get completed before the wee lil unicorn arrives? I could google it, but I’m tired so this is where you post your advice below (links and pins get bonus points).

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  • Reply Claire

    You are doing great! Let’s plan another registry date soon. You’ve got this little mommy. I’m so proud of you and David.❤👶

    February 28, 2017 at 12:32 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      Let’s plan another date soon! I really need to get those registries completed! We can do the Buy Buy Baby on a Friday night and try to do a Target run on maybe a Saturday morning.

      February 28, 2017 at 4:13 pm

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