Craftastic Weekend!

Hello Monday and hello friends!

What a weekend! Can I start off with how WareBear and I had the most incredible date night with our kinda people?!?

WareBear and I nerds to the core.

While I’m the cheesy Sci-Fi channel kind of chick who likes to drink fruity drinks and swoon over Drizzt Do’Urden, any and everything Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games Trilogy – WareBear is the manly geek who can spout off everything about The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and any other weird realm books…all while educating you about the finest of top notch beers.

We got to go out with another married couple (K & J), who enjoys Game of Thrones and happened to invite us out for a national quiz night for Geeks Who Drink.

1. We love drinking, so it was a no brainer that we would be in attendance.

2. Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding – Episode nearly killed me, I needed this to prep for the season finale (which ended up being pretty lackluster according to WareBear and J’s assessments).

3. Did I mention that I was really in it for the drinking?!?


5. Pub Jugs. Need I say anymore?  – Clearly more drinking for me!

We went, we nearly conquered (tied 7th out of 29 teams), and all were bitter with the fact that team who did win cheated because they walked in with a 3 ring binder of notes, cheat sheets, and a team of like 8 people to split $265.

All in all it was a great Saturday night. IMG_4922

The rest of the weekend consisted with my new personal series True Life: I’m a Crafter.

I sewed. I painted. I cut. I pasted. I CRAFTED. It was an invigorating feeling and much needed. My agenda was pretty full with the finishing touches to my craft exchange projects for summer meet up and I managed to get them all finished. All that is left is the last minute addition, I decided to throw in (sans Martha Stewart’s help) and then packing them all up purdy to send off for the few I have to mail.

All in all, I am very pleased with the project and took some notes on how I could easily perfect the project in the future. A rule of the craft exchange is you have to make one for yourself, the only one that I haven’t made is my own! I promise, it’ll happen…..probably after a 10 page paper and PowerPoint presentation – but it’ll happen.


Off to Oklahoma!

In addition to crafting, I did manage to squeeze a trip into the post office to finally mail my Moore Love Quilt. My loving husband was kind enough to let me pose in the post office to snap this picture of my package being sent of with so much love and pride that I got it done.

With that I’m moving forward with projects and can’t wait to share all the good things that I’m working on.

Have a marvelous Monday and awesome week!


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