Facebook & Craftmania in Big D!

If you know me, like really know me, you would understand that I love a good craft. I’ve been on this journey of embracing creativity and using all sorts of different outlets to express said creativity.

WareBear is ready for all the wine bottles in my craft room to finally get a new purpose in life – in due time grasshopper, in due time!

I digress….

In my efforts to reach out to more people, I spent a majority of my morning on Facebook creating a page for this blog. It’ll hold me accountable and I’m almost famous – so why not?

Imagine my excitement as I mingled on Facebook to come across this gem – The 5 Best Places for Crafting in Dallas.

Yours truly lives in Dallas! What could get any better than making myself very familiar with 5 awesome places to fit right in with crafty people. One of the list is already a frequent haunt of mine, CityCraft, because they carry all the modern hip fabrics that I just need to indulge in and refuse to wait/pay for shipping when they are bound to have it.

How insanely cool is it that creativity is here and in full force?! It’s nice to buy something here or there, but the pure bliss you get from making something of your own is exhilarating. And who doesn’t love something homemade and from the heart! You name one person who isn’t floored by a personalized homemade gift….and I’m not talking about the ugly sweater or socks made by your Aunt Ethel (no offense to any Ethels) for your birthday or holidays.

I’m challenging myself.

My goal before summer is long gone and I am back busy at work is to visit the remaining four hot crafting spots. I want to immerse myself in their creative juices and hopefully be able to share a new project or two before the dog days of summer are over. I’m going to take a step from behind the sewing machine and discover other talents that I may have hidden.

Please share any crafting ideas you may have for the rest of the summer!

Oh and you should probably like my page, because you never know what I could be making to give away fo’ free…..

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