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Every weekend Dallas has an array of events going on for the lovely people of the city to enjoy. This weekend was no different, but there was one event taking place that I knew I couldn’t miss. As a Dallas foodie, it would have been a huge disservice to this city and myself if I didn’t go and indulge in some of the sweetest treats.

Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate

Upon arriving and receiving our checklist and treat box at the Dallas Chocolate Festival, David and I made our way into the main hall to meet the vendors. We quickly surveyed the hall and started to make our way around for the different sampling, mingling, and getting to know the secrets of the talented chocolatiers. For a newbie to this event, it was exciting seeing all of the different vendors that are so local to this city. I like to think as a proud Dallasite that I am pretty up to date on my Dallas chocolate, but this was a brand new world for me. Not only did I meet local chocolatiers to Dallas, but a few that are from nearby cities that sell their sweets in Dallas at specific locations. With 35 vendors slated to be there (a few couldn’t make it), David and I managed to get samples from 26 of them.

A few of my standouts were:

Frankie V’s gluten free protein bar – it was delicious and I didn’t feel guilty eating it. We even got to talk a little about his famous hot sauce – buying David the Spooky White hot sauce!

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate (shout out to Annette for sending us back in to find her) had the most divine rosemary olive old chocolate chips. They had the most unique flavor!

Kernel Lee’s spicy chocolate kettle corn won both David and I over, we didn’t hesitate buying a bag. I’ll be honest with you and admit that we had to force ourselves to stop eating it yesterday in order to save some for this week. If you are a fan of kettle corn – you have to check them out.

Wiseman House Chocolates left David and I both speechless when it came to their toffee. Words seriously cannot describe the decadence of all their treats! David couldn’t stop talking about how that almond toffee was his absolute favorite treat of the day.

Mystical Coffee was my hidden gem of the entire Dallas Chocolate Festival. The concept of a coffee club being locally established was foreign to me, but as Bill explained it and I took my first sip of the coffee – my mind was transformed. I am a firm believer in cream and sugar, so I hesitated to take my first sip. Then I committed and the freshness of this brew rivaled any coffee I had ever tasted.

FullSizeRender (45) 2

I could seriously go on and on about more of the vendors, because this experience was that phenomenal. Instead, here’s 3 things I can share with you from my experience at the Dallas Chocolate Festival and why I already have plans to go again next year.

1 | This is not your run of the mill, over the counter chocolate. You will indulge in artisan chocolate in various forms that you probably never thought would exist. They will blow your mind and you will intrigued with the sheer art behind these chocolatiers.

Dallas Chocolate Festival - Chocolate - Dallas - Dallasite - Lifestyle Blogger - Foodie Dallas Chocolate Festival - Chocolate - Dallas - Dallasite - Lifestyle Blogger - Foodie Dallas Chocolate Festival - Chocolate - Dallas - Dallasite - Lifestyle Blogger - Foodie

2 | Plan your time accordingly to make sure that you attend one of the Chocolate Talks or Demos! David and I had a family memorial to attend, so we didn’t get to experience the interesting lectures and demonstrations that were being conducted by vendors.

3 | Buy your tickets early! As soon as you see the Dallas Chocolate Festival being advertised, don’t waste any time rallying your friends to go with you. Tickets were sold out right before the event and I know that I received a few messages via Ware is the Vodka?!? Facebook Page in regards to any additional tickets being for sale. It was hard to tell people that tickets were gone, but next year you bet they won’t wait until the last minute to try to get tickets.

Special thanks to Sander Wolf and for the complimentary tickets to the Dallas Chocolate Festival. It was a well organized and executed event that Dallas is extremely lucky to have. 

Purchase 2016 Dallas Chocolate Festival Tickets Here

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    oh my gosh, everything sounds amazing– but the spicy chocolate kettle corn just stopped me in my tracks!!!

    September 14, 2015 at 8:23 pm
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    September 6, 2016 at 7:01 am
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