Monday Hangover

Monday Hangover : Late Nights in Dallas

Weekend of champions! CHAMPIONS!

Seriously, I hate to brag but this may have been one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I probably say that every weekend, but this time I mean it. This post is wordy (worth it) and very photo heavy, so prepare yourself for all the snapshots from this weekend. With that I’m not going to waste any time, lets get into it!

Friday night, the S&M show headed out to Gexa with Ansel to witness the Kings of The Mic Tour. We settled out on the lawn with drinks in hand and ready for a party.

dallas - gexa - kings of the mic tour - dallasite - s&m show

The people watching was at its finest, until a fierce storm decided to roll through Dallas. My quick witted lovely friend, Mia, mentioned that we should pack up and move to the empty seats under the pavilion. Smart thinking because we made it under there just in time.

As Doug E Fresh’s set kicked off and the party got started, this storm took a turn for the worst. They ended up pulling him off the stage and advising everyone to sit tight as the storm rolled through.

dallas - gexa - kings of the mic tour - dallasite - s&m show


We waited out this storm for a good 45 minutes AND IT WAS WORTH IT. As soon as Doug E Fresh hit the stage again, he took the energy level to straight hip hop heaven. He proved why he is one of the greatest MCs of all time. The rest of the show was an absolute blur, but honestly I could’ve watched Doug E Fresh perform the entire evening. It was humid and hot, but worth it.

I went to bed at 2:00am…

Saturday kicked off with errands galore before heading home for a nap. I’m starting to realize that I’m not as young as I use to be – naps are your friend. Boy did I need one before I headed out to Oak Cliff for the Oak Cliff Summer Soul Review. Since I’ve been going to Joy Macarons, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Bri and Kirk Thurmond. During our numerous conversations over macs and mac sammys, we finally started discussing Kirk’s blossoming career as an musical artist. I looked him his next show, told Bri I would be there, and left David to go off to work the overnight shift. He was bummed that he would be missing the evening, but I had more than enough fun for the both of us.

What I’ve love about Dallas is that around every corner you are fortunate enough to meet some of the most talented individuals. I spent my Saturday night with two incredible bands, Larry g(EE) and Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials.

oak cliff summer soul review - oak cliff - bishop arts - dallas - dallasite - music - local artists

oak cliff summer soul review - oak cliff - bishop arts - dallas - dallasite - music - local artists

Complimentary drinks, good company, and great music – all made for one hell of a night!

I went to bed at 2:30am….

As for Sunday, we had an amazing event at one of my favorite places in this entire world. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about that. Here’s a sneak peek to hold you over…

dallas blogger collective - tea party - the vintage house

I can’t give away all of my weekend fun….and I also want to get to bed at a decent hour!

It’s Monday and this will probably be the last time I link up for Monday Hangover….I’m a lifestyle blogger, but everyone else isn’t. Weekend recaps aren’t everyone’s thing, but I will still be writing them. I have a few other things in the works for you all!

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