Dear Starz, Thanks for Outlander

Dear Starz,

I have to apologize for my lack of respect for your channel. Honestly, I’ve taken you for granted when it comes to power house shows. On Monday, I was pretty relaxed after work and decided to check out my On Demand service. All of the other premium channels were showing lackluster programming that I’ve either seen or had no desire for, so I decided to take a chance on you.

Somehow, I found my way to Outlander. All I could do is venture to my Facebook and basically wallow in self-pity over being late to the party.

starz - outlander - cable - tv


Starz, not only am I discovering its an amazing tv show…but books! Good thing my friends came to my rescue, because I have to catch up on the entire first season before next month and then start on the books.

Before I do all of that, I’m going to spend my time stalking Sam Heughan!

starz - outlander - cable - tv

I mean really?!? Is such a fine specimen even allowed?

Well it is and the sexual tension between his character Jamie and Claire Beauchamp is killing me. I just can’t stand it, but game recognize game Starz. You sure know how to get a girl all worked up and then shot down. I’m only 5 episodes in, but you wouldn’t believe how excited I am about the prospect of a relationship between Jamie and Claire.

starz - outlander - cable - tv

So thanks Starz for introducing me to Outlander and ruining my life (and setting the expectations for David really high).



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  • Reply Julian

    I personally just discovered JASON MOMOA 😉 But I’ve never heard of Outlander!

    March 17, 2015 at 9:26 pm
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