did you know flamingos have 19 bones in their necks?

My husband is a phenomenal man. I may be a little bias, because he is mine. WareBear is not the expensive kind of guy. I mean he’s bought me James Avery, spoils me with Vera Bradley, and will let me buy all the fabric I want from JoAnn’s (even though he has me on a strict need-only basis right now).

WareBear is also a funny guy. If you know him, he is a good sport. He’ll dress up a Yoshi for Halloween and get obscenely drunk in downtown San Diego. He’s willing to parade up and down the street in a full pink leotard with a handmade pink ribbon to support breast cancer – because he loves the fun bags.

You get the idea?

We never really do the whole mushy Valentine’s Day deal. Last year, he sent me chocolate covered strawberries – he also ended up eating over half of them because they had almonds, which I am highly allergic to. I assumed after that close call, we would play it safe this year.

Yours truly was presented with the most hilarious opportunity to get WareBear good on the day o’ love.

There is this prank called Flamingo Flocking.  As soon as it was mentioned, I was sold. I quickly secured my date with all purposes of making David freak out and wonder why we had 15 pink flamingos in our yard – all on Valentine’s Day.

I arrived home late the night before Valentine’s Day because of my awesomely cool night of exchanging crafts with my new peeps and no flamingos were in the yard yet.

hi new peeps! I’ve already started coming up with ideas for the next craft exchange – so excited!

I digress…

Instantly after walking into the house and I started sharing all the new goodies with WareBear, while setting up my impromptu studio to take some snap shots for the blog.

This clueless lady was still under the impression that my sweet husband, probably would run to the store on Valentine’s Day to pick up a sweet sentimental card and maybe a gift card to Gap.

As the night dwindled on and midnight quietly approached, WareBear begged me to stay up an additional 8 minutes so he could give me my Valentine’s Day gift.



What? A real legitimate gift? For me?

After what seemed like the longest 8 minutes of my life he finally handed me this beautiful baby blue box with stunning pearl studs.

All I got him were flamingos.

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  • Reply Heather Harmon (@heatherharmon_)

    That’s so sweet of him! Also, the flamingos are hilarious! We don’t really celebrate valentines day, besides donuts for breakfast, it was a pretty low key day 🙂

    February 15, 2013 at 9:16 pm
    • Reply Sevi

      He actually stayed up late that night and saw them at 3:00 in the morning after doing homework. He said he was outside laughing so hard at all the flamingos in the yard! We usually like to keep it simple, but I have a feeling David wants something – he’s been going above and beyond.

      February 15, 2013 at 11:09 pm

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