Everyday Unicorns, Unique and Wonderful and Magical and Out of this World!

The best part about Diversity Chic is that in real life, we are friends who actually spend time together. It’s not always about dressing up and posing for pictures. They’ve seen me at my finest and loved me at my absolute worst (imagine PJs, no makeup, and dirty hair). Being some of my closest friends, it’s always nice to celebrate the accomplishments that we each undertake in our lives. Today, I’m super excited to share the newest venture from Valery with Everyday Unicorns.

everyday unicorns

Being Everyday Unicorns

You already know my obsession with unicorns is out of this world and I’m extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people that get me. Be yourself. Embrace your quirkiness. Dream outside of the box. Everything that Everyday Unicorns embraces is right up my alley!

everyday unicorns

It’s quirky with a fun way to express yourself. I already own one piece from the collection and have had my eyes on a new baseball t-shirt. What are the odds that one of my pregnancy cravings has been pizza?!? Of course, this shirt was perfect for the bump and super soft. Let’s be real here, diamonds are great but I’ll take pizza any day. Each of Valery’s designs is relatable, unique, and real – which is exactly what we need in the world today.

everyday unicorns

Shop Everyday Unicorns

I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate this amazing venture that my sweet friend has embarked on. She is so passionate about creating fashion and feminist-forward designs that keep your quirkiness fresh. You can see the rest of her collection here! Also, because she is so fabulous she is offering you 15% off your order with promo code diversitychic.

Be unique and wonderful and magical and out of this world. Most importantly, be everyday unicorns!

everyday unicorns

P.S. Since all the ladies of Diversity Chic are on the blog today, I figured I would share this month’s fashion trend. If you are planning on linking up with us for this month, we are shooting for April Showers! Bringing you all of your fashion needs to prepare for all the rainy weather we encounter during the spring. Looking forward to seeing your outfits!

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