Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Kicker!

Each moment of pregnancy brings along a new set of surprises that I don’t think we are truly prepared for when getting ready for baby. This moment is brought to you by baby kicks. As a new mother, we are quickly immersed in a world of emotions that we’ve only heard stories about. Babies are blessings when they arrive, but the journey to those little ones sure packs quite the punch. It’s a surreal process of baby steps that literally are just that, baby steps.

Baby Kicks Step 1: The Flutters

Those first flutters are always misleading. Every new mom is frantically comparing it to every internet search they come across from comments of other moms. How soon should you feel them? What do they feel like? Is it just gas?

The questions are never ending and you honestly contemplate every little movement that comes from the depths of your stomach. New moms quickly learn that anticipating those first flutters are exciting and nerve wrecking altogether. One you start to truly recognize them, a piece of mind washes over you. Then you start to countdown for the first big kick.

Baby Kicks Step 2: The First Big Kick

You ask any mom, she’ll let you know when that first big kick happened. Mine was after a long night in which I stayed up way too late. I was around 17 weeks pregnant and my body was so exhausted I remember laying in bed just limp.

The feeling deep in my stomach was one like I had never experienced before and startled me. I remember screaming for David to come into the room because, at that moment, I knew it was our wee lil unicorn. He instantly reached out and we both chuckled because we knew it was too soon for him to actually start feeling her move.

That first big kick is reassuring for all new moms because the worry and doubts wash away. You aren’t constantly focusing on the downside of questioning if something is wrong with your baby. A new hope swells deep inside of you as you recognize that it is only going to get better from here.

Baby Kicks Step 3: Frequent Kicker Miles

The flutters and kicks become more frequent. You start to notice them more and discern times when your baby is more active than others. This is when things really start to get interesting. Without realizing it, you start to pay more attention to not only the frequency but the force behind each movement. It’s the moment that you and your significant other both have waited for.

Our Wee Lil Kicker!

Well folks, it just got real. It happened on a Sunday evening after a long weekend away. David and I were relaxing calmly after a 3-hour car ride home from Broken Bow and I could feel our wee lil unicorn forcefully making herself at home. The strong little kicks startled me as I couldn’t believe that we were finally reaching the point of “hey, I’m here.”

Without skipping a beat, I asked David if he wanted to give it a feel. Just to see if this was finally the point where he would really get a chance to experience our new reality. If you’ve been around these parts, you already know that he didn’t waste one minute. He placed his hand on my ballooning belly and waited with anticipation.

A few moments went by and I felt the kick from our wee lil unicorn. A gasp and bright-eyed daddy turned around to face me with a huge beaming smile to match all the enthusiasm. We officially have a kicker.

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  • Reply Nan Walvoord

    So precious. You and David are going to be awesome parents and I will be cheering you on every day!!!!!!

    January 31, 2017 at 9:11 pm
  • Reply Sue TandySonger

    I love sharing your journey!💝

    February 1, 2017 at 6:43 am
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