Fact: Everything is bigger in Texas, even quilts.

Yet another Friday blog! Forgive me for my poor writing this evening, I’m in a rush to share this and get to my 7 page reflection paper. I promise I am a much better writer than this mundane post.

After last night and the daunting fact that I have a 7 page paper due on Tuesday (which I still haven’t started on), I worked on this quilt photo 1today when I got home.

It’s my baby! The wind beneath my wings. The one project that I am just drawn to when I know I have other commitments ahead of me.

I gave in today. How could I deny this urge?!?

From piecing the rest of it together, I discovered it’s tricky working with so much fabric. All of the other quilt tops that I have put together were tiny compared to this beauty. None of this mattered as it all started coming together.

Honestly, I feel like I’m piecing together my own rainbow. All the colors just blend together so well and make you want to smile. The closer I get to finishing the next step, the more I want to cuddle deep within its sunny folds.

For now, I’ll be patient as I finish each baby step and can happily report that a quilt top was born today. Yes, today I became the proud

L83" W67"

L83″ W67″

owner of my own personal quilt top. It’s pieced together and I couldn’t be more happy with it. My motivation for finishing this quilt has been fueled by this desire to have one piece that is mine.

If I get a chance, I’m going to try and go grab some batting and the backing for this quilt. JoAnn’s is having their huge coupon commotion and I’m all about using that 50% off coupon on batting!

Here’s to the next step and the weekend!

Off to finally start that 7 page reflection paper….

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