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Final Countdown, Navigating the Highs and Lows of the Final Week of Pregnancy

1 week. 7 days. The final countdown to our baby girl is really here. It’s ridiculously surreal being in the final countdown until our baby girl’s due date. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was announcing that we were having a baby. Now that we’re here, the final countdown doesn’t seem too bad. Of course, these final days have their own unique set of highs and lows. Let’s not waste any time, here are the highs and lows of these final days.

The Final Countdown – Highs

Done with work!

For the record, I had every intention of working until her due date. Then I almost got stuck in an elevator at work with 11 days left until that due date. At that point, I started taking the stairs again and realized just how exhausting walking has become. Sleeping is exhausting, waking up is even more exhausting, and let’s not even talk about putting on clothing! Since I have some vacation time, I’m going to utilize it and just call it a wrap. As of today, I’m done. I’m officially on baby watch!

Emergency bathroom renovation completed just in time…

We had a major crisis at our house with our master bathroom. As most of you know, we renovated most of our home when we first moved in. It needed the update, but we held off on both bathrooms. They weren’t critical and honestly, they were still functioning. Over the last few months, we’ve had to make minor improvements to the bathroom that will become Delilah’s and it looks great.

Little did we know that we would discover some major issues with our master bathroom that would require a complete remodel with just a month until the due date. Naturally, you would think that this would be low. It’s finished and our new master bath looks amazing and complete before baby girl arrives.

We are ready to meet our baby girl!

The best high is that David and I are both ready to meet our baby girl. David mentioned that he had the most vivid dream of being in the nursery with her and staring at perfection. He couldn’t stop talking about waiting to see if she looks anything like his dream. I’m just ready to see the child who has been enjoying my uterus like it’s the best ride at an amusement park.

The Final Countdown – Lows

Maternity leave is a real issue and I know understand why…

How much maternity leave do you get? This is probably the most comical question I have received my entire pregnancy because maternity leave is a joke in the United States. My maternity leave is best known as the Family & Medical Leave Act which consists of up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. The municipality that I work for cannot afford to pay maternity leave for all of their expecting parents. It’s frustrating and we made the decision for me to use all 12 weeks because daycare is even more expensive.

What this experience has done is open my eyes to how unfair parents have it when it comes to wanting to care for your child. It’s not feasible in the least when you look at what others countries offer. The United States is seriously lacking and it definitely has lit a fire for me to really research even further into this. My mind wonders about the families who don’t have two partners working together. What is even more heartbreaking is thinking about sending my child to a daycare at 6 weeks because you can’t afford to stay at home with your child any longer. Luckily, we’ve got a plan in place that will hopefully work out in the end for our family!

There will always be something to do…

Dishes, laundry, and so much more – there is always something. I’m having to humble myself to remember two things: I can’t do it all on my own and people are willing to help! It’s difficult going from being able to readily do all of my household chores. Now, it’s a struggle to get out of bed! While there will always be something to do, it’s out of my control. I just have to keep reminding myself of that and relying on my tribe to hold me accountable that perfection isn’t necessary.

Unpredictability is a blessing and curse…

If you know me, you would understand this low. I am an absolute planner. Order and preciseness are my jam. Oh, you’re coming into town to visit, you better believe I will have a complete itinerary drafted. You recommend a birth plan be in place to help guide your birthing experience? Say no more! I’ll even throw in contingency plans in case of emergencies. The one thing I cannot plan on is when this girl decides to make her appearance, which like the header states is a blessing and a curse.

These last few days of just the two of us have been bliss. We’ve enjoyed being with each other and relishing these last few days as a duo. On the flip side, the anxious excitement and unpredictability of when this show is going to be on the road are brutal. Every contraction sends us on edge! There are some things you just can’t plan for…

So here we are, playing the waiting game. Taking our time and ready to meet Delilah Claire!

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  • Reply Sandra M Wages

    On the maternity leave situation, I am not even pregnant nor am I trying to conceive but I don’t like not knowing so I’ve researched a CRAP TON. I would HIGHLY suggest all women who are sexually active to get short term disability insurance during your open enrollment period or whenever you can if that’s a feasible possibility. Once you’re pregnant, a lot of insurers will say pregnancy is a pre-existing condition and it won’t do you any good for a year. The fee is nominal every month, but it will pay a portion of your salary for 6 weeks after an uncomplicated vaginal birth, more for a C-section. It will go concurrently with FMLA so at least you have some money coming in during that time. Share the knowledge, ladies!!!!!!!

    June 1, 2017 at 12:08 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      So true, but when you find out you’re pregnant after your open enrollment period it defeats the whole purpose 🙁 This was so unexpected and so unplanned because I was on birth control prior to finding out that I was pregnant.

      So there literally was no way for me to even truly prepare for this.

      June 1, 2017 at 12:50 pm
  • Reply Sandra M Wages

    Which is why the maternity leave situation in this country is so screwed. Why on earth would anyone think they need short term disability insurance for pregnancy? There’s no reason why you should have already known that unfortunately. That’s why I share with every person I know!! The fact that I had to research and plan years before I even start trying to be able to afford to be off work after giving birth is ludicrous.

    June 1, 2017 at 12:53 pm
  • Reply LaToya

    Ugh, that dang Maternity leave.. I’m right there with you. I have the FMLA, of course unpaid, so I had to sign up for Short Term Disability through another company because when I started working at my current position, I did not sign up for short term disability, smh… and of course one month later, after signing up for my insurance, I find out I’m pregnant. I honestly wish I could just work from home and be able to take care of my children and make an income doing something I love.. Oh how I wish I lived in Sweden or Denmark and could take advantage of that wonderful maternity leave!

    Take Care!

    June 3, 2017 at 9:00 pm
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