Fireworks, Fireballs, and Fierceness

Wow. There are no other words for the extended weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying.

IMG_5916It all started Wednesday night with fireworks in my childhood neighborhood of Farmers Branch (aka Da Branch) with WareBear and Miss. McC. It was nice to be back home, but it’s always awkward living so near the town you grew up in. I never really felt like I fit quite into the mix, so no love loss with the undying need to move as far away. Anywho, the fireworks were actually pretty decent in Da Branch and we beat being stuck in traffic of Kaboom Town by choosing the smaller venue.

Of course hanging out with Miss. McC is never a full night unless we put our boots on and go out dancing. After two fireball shots and lots…lots of beer, I needed to be put down. Those fireball shots were no joke – tasty, but no joke. Luckily, WareBear was very accommodating to my situation of being drunk and merry.

IMG_5914The fourth of July consisted of more cold beverages, too much sun, and the pool. I spent the day with two of my favorite guys (one more so than the other), grilled burgers, and  good music. To top it all off, I got to spend time with my Claire and Albert. We talked, we laughed, and of course we drank (maybe a little too much).

IMG_5929Friday was my relaxed day, because I knew that I would be on the go Saturday for the arrival of Queen Bey. I did manage to head out to get my hair done for the big concert, because I made it my priority to look my very best for my interview to become Blue Ivy’s new nanny. A girl can dream! The rest of the night was tossing and turning from the sheer excitement of being in the presence of Beyonce.

If you know me, like really know me then you are well aware with my obsession with Beyonce. She’s just my cup of tea! I’ve been a fan of her since Destiny’s Child and continue to be amazed with her determination and class. I could go on and on, but I am going to contain myself!

We started Saturday off bright and early with brunch at Max’s Wine Dive, the food was divine and you know that I love myself a good mimosa (sometimes even three). WareBear is already prepared to go there for brunch, just so I can indulge in the red velvet pancakes they serve – I had a taste and was sold.

After brunch and a little retail therapy, we headed back to get ready for the concert. Since I was going to let my legs loose, I IMG_5953decided to be very conservative with my top – to spare you all the pictures, you can check out the Facebook page to see more.

At this concert, I accomplished something I never thought I would do. I lived from behind the camera. I took a few videos, but only snagged two pictures of Queen Bey and not very good ones at that. It wasn’t because I had bad seats or my phone was dying – I enjoyed the moment. Beyonce put on a show that had me sweating my afro back into style and left me without a voice. The pictures don’t matter, I experienced true entertainment from the moment she stepped on to stage until she left. It was truly a beautiful night to put the iPhone down and just let loose.IMG_5965

Beyonce put on a show. A SHOW. I couldn’t have asked another place to be in Dallas this past Saturday night. Of course,  I did not leave empty handed – yours truly has yet another Beyonce tour book.

WareBear, well he is a little too happy about his gift from the concert. IMG_5988You see, he has a slight obsession with Beyonce as well – for far different reasons than my own. I believe the comment that came out of his mouth about my going to the concert to become Blue Ivy’s new nanny and Bey’s best friend was “You can bring her home.”

I’ll call this weekend a success.

On to this weekend and John Mayer!

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