Florals are DEFINITELY the new cheetah!

This Dallas weather just can’t seem to make up its dreary mind. After waking up to a downpour and facing the Dallas traffic speeding through the rain, I couldn’t help but dream of all my spring florals that have been peppering my wardrobe lately.
With spring’s arrival, I’ve prepared accordingly by doing the usual spring cleaning. Thanks to a little motivation from a few friends (Valery’s closet purge and Stephanie’s minimalist wardrobe), my wardrobe has the best definition of who I am right in this moment.

After purging my closet, I’ve learned 3 valuable lessons about my wardrobe.

1 – I’m obsessed with black and white stripes.

Actually, obsessed is an understatement. The torrid love affair that I’ve reached with this minimalist dream has reached the point where I’m being judged. Yes, you read that right – people are judging me. I made a purchase the other day of not 1, but 3 stripes shirts. Would you like to know what the cashier stated to me? “Do you really need 3?” Just let me live lady, let me live. If I can pull off wearing a black and white striped shirt with an outfit, I’m doing it with no shame whatsoever.

2 – Not all minimalist wardrobes have to consist of entirely neutral colors.

I cannot help it, I love color. Glitter is my favorite color! There is no way I could fathom having a wardrobe consisting of strictly black, white, and grey. So while I’ve downsized my closet to quite a few staple pieces, I made sure to incorporate bright hues in these selections that reflect my personality. The infamous mustard skirt still has a lot of life left in it and I’ve gravitated to adding similar pieces like it to my wardrobe.

3 – Florals are the new cheetah.

Here’s the thing, a cheetah print gives me so much life when its worn correctly. I’m not talking head to toe, over the top cheetah print. The more subtle, the better it can be displayed as. As I was going through my closet, I discovered that I have navigated from pairing staple pieces with cheetah (and other animal prints) for something a little more lady like and refined. That would be the floral print! I’m not exactly sure when my closet started to evolve with the florals, but I’m definitely embracing it.




Photography by Stephanie Drenka

Have you done a closet purge recently? Do you think florals are the new cheetah? What is your staple for the spring? Leave your thoughts in the comments and happy styling!

Oh and please don’t get me wrong, I still rock my cheetah flats with studs!

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  • Reply Heather Webb

    I did a closet purge not that long ago and I am totally feeling you on the stripes obsession. I just bought two striped shirts last week and I have like 6 dresses that have black and white stipe on the top half. I don’t own any cheetah print, but I love me a good floral print for sure.

    April 21, 2016 at 1:28 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      It seems like everyone is digging the stripes trend and I can’t even hate it! Cheetah is a great print to pair with black and white stripes. And floral rules my world!

      April 22, 2016 at 7:39 pm

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