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Frivolous Confessions of a Realistic Pregnant Woman

Brace yourself, frivolous thoughts of a realistic pregnant woman are straight ahead. Things have been pretty carefree around these parts. Stressful, but pretty relaxed. The best part is that this pregnancy has been on my terms. It’s been nice, to be honest with myself about the good, bad, and downright ugly in regards to pregnancy. Which is why writing this is even better than I could imagine. These frivolous confessions are keeping me honest and real….with just a few weeks left until baby girl arrives.

Frivolous Confession #1 – I constantly forget about my bump.

While the bump is increasingly becoming harder and harder to ignore, I honestly just forget about it. Then I attempt to bend over at the waist to pick something up in sheer agony. Oh, let’s also not ignore the fact that I have been wearing dresses with no plans to shave my legs. I look down in every dress and scare myself with these wooly mammoth legs.

At 29 weeks, you would think that this bump would be a reminder. A reminder of how close we are to welcoming this little one into the world. I just have to work on navigating this bump.

Frivolous Confession #2 – Nesting is real, but naps are realer.

One minute I’m all for clearing and cleaning this house until it’s spotless. Within a few hours, I’m desperately in need of a nap. While nesting is fun and all, the nap struggle is winning every time. I guess I’m taking the advice of all those who have told me I should sleep before baby girl arrives. Slowly, I’m tackling my list of things I need to get finished around the house. It’s just taking me a little longer between the napping sessions.

Frivolous Confession #3 – I cringe anytime someone mentions multiple children.

Can I just have this one before the questions of a second begin? Snuggle with her and dress her up in cute outfits. Teach her how to walk and talk. Enjoy her first birthday! You wouldn’t believe how many people have had the nerve to ask if she is going to have a sibling. THE NERVE. Not only that, but it’s rampant in the mommy groups that I belong to. I would just like to skip thinking about baby number two, while baby number one is finding her way into my ribs.

These are my frivolous confessions and I’m sticking to them. We are exactly 11 weeks away from baby girl’s arrival. I can’t wait to share all of the exciting news over the next few weeks about my nesting activities and so much more!

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