From A-list Celebrity to D-list Celebretard

Two singles released this week from very visible pop artists with fan followings that support them. We had Katy Perry’s Roar which after the first listen, I knew that I needed it on my iPod. Then we had Lady Gaga’s much hyped Applause, which even with the fanfare I couldn’t get through the first 30 seconds of it.

It was said that Applause almost didn’t make this masterpiece of an album called ARTPOP. NME reported the following:

She told Seacrest that the track “almost didn’t make the album” until she met with Interscope Records chief Jimmy Iovine and played him 40 songs during a meeting. “We played ‘Applause’ last and Jimmy said to me, ‘Well every single record you’ve played me has been better than the one you played before it, so the last one should be the first single,'” she said.


The single was lackluster and far off from the Lady Gaga we all came to love. We’ve strayed from the days of wanting to Just Dance to a desperate plea for us to all Applause this Mother Monster she’s become.

If you weren’t on Twitter this weekend, you missed out. No need to fear because CNN has provided a nifty little story to keep us all 2

It all started with with a tweet from one of the baby monsters, protecting their mother after the week she’s had with the dismal performance of Applause. Gaga is very fortunate to have such a dedicate fan watching her back, even at her apartment.

Gaga has transformed in a D-List Celebretard.

Celebretard is an individual who is relatively slow in mental or emotional development of rational statements in their celebrity state. They tend to take advantage of any and every clouded opportunity that comes their way to push their own personal agenda.

Of course, I had to pen a little note to the beloved Mother Monster, Lady Gaga.

Dear Lady Gaga,

Hey there, it’s me Sevi. You don’t know me, but I figured it was time we had a little heart to heart regarding your recent behavior in the Twitterverse. Sweetheart, bless your heart! There are a few things you need to learn as a celebrity on Twitter.

First, don’t trust every follower you have or at least take the time to verify that individual. For example, homeboy who started all your Twitter beef with Perez. Did you read the amount of tweets he has about you? Obsessive much…oh and why was homeboy at your apartment? Ever think that he may have been stalking you?

Just read his Tumblr, Gaga.

Just read his Tumblr, Gaga.

Second, Twitter beef with Perez Hilton over something so trivial as him being in your apartment lobby. Did you ever think that maybe he knew someone else that lived in your building? I recall reading that he was going to be moving to New York and don’t think you own the entire building (or city for that matter). You may have overreacted just a tad bit with your possessiveness over the building. You don’t own that shit. Move along girl, you are giving yourself too much credit these days…

Lastly, your so-called loyal fans are jerks. I don’t care how upset they are about Perez Hilton “attacking” you, the childish comments coming out over the Twitterverse show that you haven’t made such a positive impact. This reflection is not the best promotion for you and I commend Perez for being brave enough to continue to retweet their ignorant banter.

This is my applause to you Lady Gaga from an A-List Celebrity to a D-List Celebretard (get it Gaga, my applause to you?!?). I truly hope that you and your monster learn from this horrid display of Twitter beef. Next time, maybe you can send Perez a DM, text, or just an old-fashion phone call to settle things.

Oh and….

via Google Images

via Google Images

xoxo – Sevi

P.S. Just because you deleted the tweets doesn’t mean they aren’t still floating around.

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  • Reply Helene

    I love the katy song! the gaga song sounds like she’s just screaming at me. I’m not a Gaga fan, never have been. she’s just too much for me.

    August 19, 2013 at 9:30 am
    • Reply Sevi

      Katy slays it with Roar. It’s so funny what a divorce does to a pop star. I approve.

      As for Lady Gaga, I’ve been able to get on board with a few of her songs. By no means am I one of her little monsters. The song is horrid.

      August 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm
  • Reply ifs ands & butts

    Homegirl had it comin’.

    August 19, 2013 at 4:48 pm
    • Reply Sevi

      She totally did! She has gone off the deep end!

      Sent from my iPhone

      August 20, 2013 at 12:33 pm
  • Reply Autumn Lee (@thejanklife)

    Pauvre Gaga

    August 20, 2013 at 4:48 pm
    • Reply Sevi

      My thoughts exactly. She is just in a dark hole all by her lonesome.

      August 20, 2013 at 10:24 pm

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