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Full Steam Ahead to Baby, 4 Weeks Left

Less than 30 days left and we are full steam ahead with a baby on the way. If you’re following me on Facebook, you know that I took a little tumble yesterday that delayed this post. I’m fine. Baby Delilah Claire is still perfect. Contractions are real and she’ll be here before we all know it. With the due date of our little one fast approaching, this is a time that a lot of new parents are asked the questions:

Are you nervous?
Do you need anything else?
What are your plans for work?
Do you have any idea how much your life is about to change?

Those typical “thank you so much for your concern, but we’re managing” looks are all too familiar. In the end, I believe we are all nervous and you can never have enough with a new baby on the way. As for work plans, it’s work – let me enjoy this magical time with my newborn. In regards to life changes, we basically understand that we are about to have a newborn take over our lives and that’s going to continue for the rest of it.

We are full steam ahead and preparing ourselves for this wild ride with our wee lil unicorn. Let’s talk about all the nitty gritty happening during this final countdown.

Full Steam Ahead with Nesting

Nesting is officially commencing.

The nesting bug took quite a while to really hit me. There were times when I thought something was wrong with me because I had no desire to do anything. Boy, has that changed! I’m in full clean up and out mode. Hasn’t been used in 6 months, don’t need it. Don’t have space for it, don’t need it. I’m on a warpath and can’t stop. The bright side, my house is extremely tidy. The down side, my naps have become more frequent.

Full Steam Ahead with Self-Care

Speaking of naps…they are a real blessing to my self-care. During this final stretch into welcoming our little girl into the world, I’ve been very proactive with my self-care. My life is about to change for the better with my new little one, so paying attention to myself is important.

A few methods of self-care that I’ve been practicing:
Bubble Baths
Journaling and Self-Reflection
Playing with the pups
Quiet time in the Nursery

All of these methods have been so therapeutic to centering myself before our little girl arrives. I encourage any new parents to take the time to find their zen moments and capitalize on them.

Full Steam Ahead with Last Minute Plans

I’m not usually a last minute planner type, but some things can’t be done immediately. We are finishing up laundry, prepping those frozen meals, and I’m readying my postpartum needs for a new mom. In addition to all of these, I finally found a pediatrician for the little one. The list of things that I have left is not too crazy and at this point, it’s not that imperative. We’re getting ready to have a baby!

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